“No one booes Nata Tyson”, Natanel Cano apologizes for his rudeness

Once again the famous lying corrido singer unleashed a wave of harsh criticism, attacks and ridicule that continues to grow, due to the comments he made after rude to Banda MS, who invited him to his concert in Las Vegas.

Nathanael Cano left everyone impressed after apologize to Banda MS through a video that went viral on social networks, and it is that the famous singer with his peculiar style expressed himself and assured that he has never been booed.

Given these statements by the Sonoran singer-songwriter The reactions were immediate and his fans quickly sent him a large number of messages that turned into criticism.

Mijo you need to go to Kinder Garden ok.!

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Let us remember that Nathanael Cano has quite a few detractors who are on the lookout for everything he does to send negative commentsThey always find reasons to destroy him for his actions, which are sometimes not well seen.

Everyone booed him… This guy doesn’t sing at all.

Without a doubt, with this video that circulates through the show profile, Internet users spill the beans again. they went over him for his comments, and it is that as always he surprised with his words in which he assures that the public was faithful to him.

The harsh criticism was in order and some users comment that he is not a singer, that he lacks studies and that his arrogant style dominates him, while others applauded the gesture of apologizing to the MS Band to whom I raise the middle finger on stage .

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As always Nanatael is in the middle of the scandal thanks to his temperament that makes him act impulsivelymaking it clear that he stops at nothing and no matter if it affects others in his path.

Nobody boo to Nata Tyson, commented the norteño singer.

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