Noah Syndergaard: “If they cut the income of owners there would already be an agreement in MLB”

The star pitcher of the Los Angeles Angels, Noah Syndergaard, spoke on Monday about the negotiation process of the new labor agreement in the Major Leagues, indicating that, if the owners of the MLB teams had their income withheld, the conflict would already have a solution.

“I bet if you cut off their paychecks until baseball resumes, the deal will close tomorrow,” Syndergaard posted on his Twitter account, along with a video in which MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is seen addressing one of the meetings they have had with the players in Jupiter, Florida.

Syndergaard’s words clearly refer to the fact that according to MLB rules, players have stopped receiving any type of benefit from teams, including their salaries, until the end of the work stoppage, which began on December 2.

In the midst of this discussion about the demands pursued by the playersthere have been several who have complained about the lack of equity in the process of sharing profits in the league, factor that has kept them at a distance in this negotiation process.

The commissioner of the MLB, Robert D. Manfred Jr, said this Monday that “we are working on it”, at the end of the fourth session of negotiations of the day, between team owners and the Players Union, in which an agreement is sought to end the existing work stoppage.

Both players and owners met until 3:00 am this Monday, seeking to take the final step, that leaves behind this strike, which has put in suspense the start of the Major League season on time.

This Tuesday, March 1, the negotiations between the two continue to define the differences regarding the new collective contract and define when the 2022 Major League Baseball season will start.

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