Nobody knows why Karol G keeps the “Emmanuel” tattoo, Anuel AA’s real name

The Colombian reggaetonera is keeping the tattoo, although her relationship with Anuel AA ended in 2021 after three years together.

Much has already happened since the breakup between Karol G and Anuel AA, confirmed in 2021. However, recently the Puerto Rican reggaeton musician has once again caused a stir in relation to his ex-partner for the songs he has dedicated to her, for asking her to come back, and for all the provocations he has made to Feid, who would be the new boyfriend of the urban singer.

Karol G and Feid have remained tight-lipped in the face of the Puerto Rican musician’s direct and indirect statements. But during the last few days, one of the tattoos of the singer of El Barco has caught the attention, as she still keeps on her right hand the word Emmanuel, Anuel AA’s first name.

The tattoo was visible in one of the recent photos shared by Karol G on her Instagram account, which date back to Monday, June 26, when she attended the Jacquemus fashion show during the Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

In this regard, users commented, “I also paid attention to her tattoo. I think it is a mark of the past for her that absolutely nothing is left there. And if she didn’t erase it, it’s to remind herself how hard it was for her to get up from there, and yet she did it”, “Delete that tattoo,” “She did it on purpose for morbidity,” “It’s just a tattoo, just like it’s just a scar she left on her soul. That’s all. She is happy, be happy”.

So far, Karol G has not revealed why she keeps her tattoo. It only remains to wait if, at some point, she decides to speak out again about her ex-partner, Anuel AA, with whom she had a three-year relationship and released several songs together.

Below is the photo shared by Karol G on her social networks:

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Karol G genera comentarios al conservar un tatuaje sobre Anuel AA
Karol G generates comments by keeping a tattoo on Anuel AA

Yailin la más viral assured that she could record a collaboration with Karol G and Feid

The name of Yailin La Más Viral began to gain momentum in the world after her relationship with Anuel AA and their subsequent breakup. In addition to the fact that after separating from the urban singer, the Puerto Rican reggaetonero began to attract the attention of Karol G -his ex-partner- dedicating songs to her and wearing T-shirts with her face, among other things, as mentioned.

Now, after the controversy unleashed by Anuel AA, Yailin has shown a willingness to make some musical collaboration with Karol G and Feid. During a recent interview for Alofoke Radio Show, a Dominican YouTube channel, Yailin was interviewed along with rapper 6ix9ine about their respective musical projects and their joint song Pa ti, released on June 16.

At the end of the conversation, one of the interviewers asked the 20-year-old Dominican: “If Karol G and Feid want the remix of the song?”, immediately the urban singer answered: “We make it … work, marketing, money,”; demonstrating that she would have no problem recording with the alleged couple even though the interpreter of Bichota is the ex-girlfriend of Anuel AA.

Later, the same interviewer wanted to reiterate: “Would you record with Karol without any problem?”; and the answer of Yailin La Más Viral was clear: “Of course,“; also emphasizing that she would record with any artist without any problem. We can only wait to see if Karol G and Feid feel the same way.

On the other hand, although last February the Colombian reggaeton singer released her album ‘Mañana será bonito,’ it seems that this year more releases are coming since, in her recent publications, she shared a preview of a song whose name is still unknown.