Nobody wants Ricardo Ferretti: Liga MX teams turned their backs on “Tuca”

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Do they no longer want Ricardo Ferretti in Mexican soccer? This is the first question that arises when seeing that “Tuca” does not have a team to lead for the Opening 2022. The Brazilian coach left through the back door of the Bravos de Juárez. His recent failure may have been a factor in the South American strategist has to watch Liga MX on TV.

Ferretti did not want to retire. The Brazilian strategist acknowledged in an interview that his intention was to stay active with the tactical board in hand. Although the Brazilian strategist acknowledged that he had received some offers, everything seems to indicate that none caught him, much less if it was not about staying in Aztec soccer.

“HI have had many offers, from Brazil, Europe, Greece, like 10 offers, very good financially; I want to continue working here,” Ferretti revealed in an interview on ESPN.

The Liga MX teams that were linked to Ferretti

The “Tuca” was associated with a large number of teams within Mexican soccer. A lot of noise was generated around Aztec football, but none of the clubs ended up signing the Brazilian. Cruz Azul, Xolos from Tijuana, León and Roosters from Querétar preferred to hire another strategist, while the Eagles of America and Chivas de Guadalajara they opted to keep their interim coaches ahead of Ricardo Ferretti’s option.

The truth is that this will be a strange situation for the South American. Since 2003 Ricardo Ferretti will not start a tournament in charge of a club. On that occasion, Tigres had dismissed him, but months later he assumed the technical direction of the Red Devils of Toluca.

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