Nodal might not duet with Danna

  • Danna Paola, the third in contention?
  • In the middle of a wave of rumors of separation the blacklist of the artists comes out
  • Is there a rivalry between Danna Paola and Belinda?

Was she involved in the ‘separation’? In the midst of a whole wave of rumors that affirm that Christian Nodal and Belinda ended their relationship after being engaged, it is revealed that Danna Paola was probably also on the “black list” of these singers, could it be that the beautiful Mexican had to do with their separation?

Much has been speculated on social networks where followers claim that Christian Nodal and Belinda ended their relationship and ended their engagement, after the regional music singer deleted all the photographs from their social networks, as well as those he had with the singer originally from Spain.

Did Christian Nodal and Belinda finish?

Did Christian Nodal and Belinda finish?
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After this, many began to come up with various rather curmudgeonly and crazy theories, where they wondered if there was a third party involved, or if the love had ended between them, despite the fact that a few days ago they were saw the couple quite happy enjoying the Disney parks.

And it is that although there are many probabilities that this sudden elimination of the photographs of Christian Nodal in his social networks is due to the fact that the singer will release new music, that has not prevented many malicious users from starting to draw all kinds of conclusions , including even the Mexican singer, Danna Paola, who could be on that “black list.”

Does Danna Paola belong to the blacklist of Christian Nodal and Belinda?

Does Danna Paola belong to the blacklist of Christian Nodal and Belinda?
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According to the portal, Belinda’s still fiancé refused to perform a musical duet with the Mexican singer, Danna Paola, so he made it known through his social networks, where through some stories through Instagram, Christian Nodal would announce the “black list” of the artists with whom he would not collaborate, among them Danna Paola.

The portal states that this rejection could have been directly requested by Belinda, who did not let her boyfriend talk with her alleged rival, which has been in “dispute” for several years. Given this, Danna Paola did not want to remain silent, and posted a strange message on her social networks, which simply said “Patience.”

Belinda reportedly didn’t let Christian Nodal duet with Danna Paola

Belinda reportedly didn't let Christian Nodal duet with Danna Paola
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However, the 26-year-old singer, Danna Paola, was intercepted by reporters upon her arrival at Mexico’s International Airport, where they told her what she thought about an upcoming duet with Christian Nodal, in addition to asking her if it was true that she had a dispute with Belinda as much is claimed.

Given this, Danna Paola, who was accompanied by the singer Alex Hoyer replied that despite everything she would like to do a duet with Belinda’s fiancé, since for her the music is to share: “I would love to collaborate with everyone, I collaborate with anyone, it’s incredible, the father of this industry is sharing music ”.

“I know how to imitate her very well”; Danna Paola responds to the “rivalry” between her and Belinda

"I know how to imitate her very well";  Danna Paola responds to the "rivalry" between her and Belinda
VIDEO: YouTube

However, things could have taken a rather unexpected turn when Danna Paola was asked if there was any rivalry with Christian Nodal’s girlfriend, Belinda, to which the interpreter of Lucrecia in the Netflix series, Elite, He replied with a quite forceful message:

“Not at all”, Danna Paola began to speak with a fast step, “never in my life, in fact, I know how to imitate her very well”, ended the also actress, who began her artistic career since 1999 in various children’s productions , and is that although we do not know what Danna meant by this, many users do not forget the friction that both have had.

The “rivalry” between Danna Paola and Belinda

The "rivalry" between Danna Paola and Belinda
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It should be remembered that for several months it has been stated that both Belinda and Danna Paola have had a very great rivalry for several years now, which could grow even more after the “misguided” comment that Christian Nodal made, which caused a great annoyance in many.

And it all started when Belinda posed for her social networks with a one-piece outfit in pink, which had several details in different colors, all in order to promote her new song that she had recorded with the singers Tini and Indigo call lola “The school girl.” However, what Beli was not expecting is that Danna Paola would appear in the same wardrobe as well.

Christian Nodal’s comment that caused annoyance

Christian Nodal's comment that caused annoyance
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According to the portal What to, Danna Paola did the same and began to publicize her new musical single called Mine, However, she wore the same wardrobe that Belinda used to promote her song, and that is despite the fact that they both look very beautiful in their style, and there cannot be a problem with a wardrobe. Christian Nodal was the one who made the situation escalate even more.

And it is that after this publication of Belinda, the singer made a comparison that no one liked, and that is that in order to flatter his fiancée, all he did was cause endless criticism to rain on him: “Reina , everything fits you better than anyone ”, causing Nodal to be branded as macho by weapons a comparison between the two at that time. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Andrea Meza appears ‘singing’ to Christian Nodal and followers adivert him of Belinda

VIDEO: Instagram

Is Belinda very possessive of Nodal? The beauty queen, Andrea Meza appears ‘singing’ to Christian Nodal and followers of the model warn him of his fiancee Belinda. Could it be that Nodal is tired of this to such a degree that he eliminates all his photographs with the singer from Spain?

A few months ago when Andrea Meza was crowned as the new Miss Universe 2020, defeating Miss Peru and Miss Puerto Rico, competitors who were also one of the favorites in the public, before this victory, Andrea became the third Mexican to win the crown to this country. Filed Under: Christian Nodal May Not Duet With Danna Paola For Belinda

Andrea Meza appears ‘singing’ to Nodal and they warn him about Belinda

VIDEO: Instagram

Given this, it should be noted that the beautiful Mexican has not only stood out for her incomparable beauty and bearing, since the 27-year-old woman also boasted her artistic gifts, which she shared through her social networks, where she appeared singing a song from the Mexican, Christian Nodal.

In the short video, which was later shared by the program’s Instagram account Tell me what you know, it is possible to listen to the miss universe, Andrea Meza, singing one of the singles of the 22-year-old singer entitled I wish it were true, unleashing endless comments about it. Filed Under: Christian Nodal May Not Duet With Danna Paola For Belinda

“You sing better than many”

PHOTO: Instagram

This unleashed an endless commotion, as many commented that she sang ‘like angels themselves’, while many ill-intentioned users commented that she sang even better than many artists who dedicate themselves to this, confessing that she should launch a duet with Christian Nodal:

“Bella, I love talented queens, to silence mouths”, “She sings better than many who are so-called singers”, “What a beautiful voice and very pretty”, “What a beautiful voice you have”, “Apart from beautiful, you sing well beautiful, is there something you do not do well? “How beautiful you sing girl, and it is not envy.” Filed Under: Christian Nodal May Not Duet With Danna Paola For Belinda

“La Beli has already reported this video”

PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, some malicious comments began to comment in Andrea Meza’s video that this was going to bring him “big problems” with his fiancee Belinda, since they assured that in a short time the singer was going to report this video, since to They, the native of Spain “was very possessive with Nodal. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ANDREA SINGING HERE

With information from the portal Tell me what you know, The following comments could be read: “La Belinda has already reported this video”, “La Beli will not let her do a duet with him”, “We want you to be a Nodal model”, “Not because Belinda hits you”, “I wish there were duet, but they do not leave it ”, were one of the many comments that could be read. Filed Under: Christian Nodal May Not Duet With Danna Paola For Belinda. Some images of this note come from this and this videos

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