Noelia heats up Instagram modeling in a suggestive pose with a low-cut bodysuit

Noelia – Photo: NMT, Noelia Management Team / Courtesy

Noelia is considered by many to be one of the most sensual women in entertainment. On her Instagram account, the singer shares at the slightest provocation some images and videos with high-impact outfits, which always raise the temperature.

This Sunday, with the intention of impressing her loyal fans, the Puerto Rican was encouraged to upload a clip in which she can be seen modeling in a suggestive pose on a bed, clad in a low-cut and tight blue linen bodysuit that almost disappears into her prominent rear.

In just a few minutes, the publication of the also businesswoman has generated thousands of reproductions and compliments where they tell her how good her body looks and how much they admire her.

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Hours before, Noelia had already attracted attention on the famous social network with other material in which she exhibits her curvaceous anatomy in a tiny sparkly top and cheeky shorts where according to the text that accompanies the clip, it is a type of exercise routine.

“I Touch Myself 🎶 Doing Exercises 😉💖”, reads the caption at the bottom of his publication.

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