Noelia Hospitalized After Falling Off a Horse While Riding in Florida and Knocked Unconscious

Noelia, injured in a horseback riding mishap, receives urgent care for a severe bruise, no fractures detected, remains under medical observation.

The medical report was that the fall caused a contusion and she was unconscious because of it, she has no fractures, and the MRI indicates that everything seems fine, but she must remain under observation at least until tomorrow,” the statement mentioned.

Noelia is hospitalized due to a fall from a horse, and this is what is known about her current condition
Noelia is hospitalized due to a fall from a horse, and this is what is known about her current condition.

The statement says that Noelia’s passion for horses will continue, so she thanks the family of the World Class Equestrian Center for their affection towards her.

Noelia Transported to the Hospital in an Emergency

According to the information shared, Noelia was transported to the hospital urgently after her fall.

Is Equestrian Another of Noelia’s Passions?

The Puerto Rican singer Noelia has shared on several occasions that in addition to singing, another of her passions is horseback riding, as it is a sport that relaxes her and helps her stay in shape.

Noelia's statement on Instagram.
Noelia’s statement on Instagram.

Through her social networks, Noelia has shared photographs with her horse, who has shown his loyalty. It was during the pandemic that the Puerto Rican’s passion grew. “Getting up and getting off the stirrups leaning on the tips of your feet strengthens your legs, but it hurts like hell,” Noelia has mentioned when sharing photos of her horseback riding.

Noelia, the famous singer, is 44 years old

Mexicans Ask For Prayers

The news resonated on social networks, where several of the singer’s Mexican fans asked for prayers for her prompt recovery and sent messages of affection.

Noelia built many followers in the late 1990s with pop songs like Tú, Candela, or Te Amo.

“Get well soon, Noelia. Greetings from Mexico.”

“Speedy recovery. We love you, beautiful Noelia.”

“May God grant you a speedy recovery and move forward. Best wishes.”

“You are strong, and you will make it.”

“We miss your videos with your rampant madness,” were some reactions.