Noelia leaves OnlyFans and announces the launch of her own “spicy” content platform

While OnlyFans gave its users uncertainty, the singer Noelia Lorenzo Monge, better known as Noelia, chose to promote its own adult content platform.

Cherryland VIP is the project with which the businesswoman seeks compete directly with the British service, which had recently announced restrictions on sexually explicit material, only to later retract its decision.

“That always yes, that always no, that we do not want them here and now yes; there was a lot of instability with OnlyFans and a lot of injustices. Then I I already had this idea of ​​making my own platform for that type of audience and its creators, one that paid more and took less. And so like a glove. When they announced that, because I was ready to go out and with this that everyone went into crisis, in three days 250 thousand people joinedImagine how well we have done ”, shared Noelia in a telephone interview.

It all started when, immersed in the charms of OnlyFans during the pandemic, the playmate noticed that, although some content creators use this platform to earn extra income, for many others it is their only job.

Therefore, he wanted to offer them a fairer alternative to the web service popularized by having profiles of celebrities such as Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Anitta and Aaron Carter, among others.

“There are many people who are not porn stars, who are not famous and who make a living from that, who support their families from there. Then, for me, it is super exciting to be able to help and have a business with which you can make so many people monetize and have extra money, especially now that many people are unemployed and locked up at home due to the pandemic ”, highlighted the also model, 41 years old.

Although his artistic career began with music, when he emerged with his hit “Tú” in 1999, he now complements his musical talent with his entrepreneurial side.

Thanks to the latter, he opened his own restaurant, Noelia’s Grill House, launched his other platform Celebriffy, where users of different professions can sell their services, and promoted his own line of lingerie and sex toys, called Noelicious.

“When they brought to light about my sex tape, which was a story of bad people trying to take down my career, what I did was make a great lemonade with all those lemons and sexualizing my image to be able to integrate that damage and everything was leading me down this path. With the pandemic, I had to postpone my 20-year career tour. I already had this content on Instagram, we created all this and what I did is that I took that to OnlyFans, and now this project. I left IG for my music ”, explained the Puerto Rican.

In accordance with NoeliaIt is time to break the taboo of sexuality and pornography to combat problems such as trafficking in women, an issue in which he plans to get fully involved.

“That closed thought about sexuality, I don’t understand it. I think it is hypocrisy, perhaps imposed by certain people who do not like it. But that’s why I have the two platforms, the normal one for professionals from other careers and for people who dedicate themselves to this, but that of taboos has to change, I’m going to take care of that. Prostitution should be legalized and regulated ”, he concluded.

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