Noelia ready to unseat urban music which she considers junk

Noelia 42 years old, she has not only been characterized by being a very talented woman, but also by being very direct in what she says, because life has taught her too much how to be a strong woman, that is why she was not measured in one of his publications with which he makes it clear that he is not entirely happy with urban music and will try to put it aside.

For those who don’t know, the Puerto Rican singer is preparing new romantic music with a touch of pop, so let’s remember that this is how her beginnings were, which catapulted her to international fame, that is why she is willing to give everything with this new project which it is still cooking.

“I always bet on Quality, I prefer to do a few good things than many without true quality, and more so when it comes to Music and Songs. That is why now that a new wave of Music that is not Urban is returning, I will be more active, Romantic Music returns strong, a Renewed POP, says part of Noelia’s message.

And it is that the interpreter of Tú who is kept busy with other projects, made it known with her message that despite doing very little in the music industry due to various commitments, she makes it clear that she wants quality for her fans, because she likes to present things Serious to your audience.

“New rhythms that require great lyrics, good singers and quality interpretations, junk music ruled for many years, that is ending, and thank God people are once again needing quality over quantity,” the blonde ends in the publication.

Another of the things that the artist has achieved with her attitude is to empower women because she, far from fighting, wants her fans, especially women, to open their eyes and not leave anything or anyone, because she does not agree that be trampled.

“I love your work Noelia”, “Totally Love in every Sense, Quality is Better than Quantity”, “That video reminded me of a scene from the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman”, write the fans of Noelia.

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