Noelia wiggles her rear with dental floss thong at the party she throws inside her truck

Noelia is indeed daring and intrepid, which has been demonstrated in one of her recent videos that she shared on her Instagram account where she wears a black floss thong and glitter to wiggle her rear to the rhythm of the music, since he put together his own party inside his truck.

Puerto Rican singer and actress her well-formed body is shown openly, aware of the great body she has, she shows it off at the slightest opportunity and what better way to show off a black coordinated, composedI go for a bra and thong dental floss, which has glitter on the waist.

Noelia ignites the spirits of her followers

The daring outfit that Noelia wore is ideal to ignite the spirits of her millions of followers on Instagram, who anxiously await each photo and video that the Puerto Rican publishes.

“This happens in my SUV… at night 😉💫💕 it’s all music and sexy stuff…”, Noelia wrote on her Instagram account, along with the daring video that leaves very little to the imagination of the gentlemen.

In the video you can see colored lights inside the truck, the ones indicated for a night of partying and what a party, since Noelia wears a coordinated black underwear, which overflows her sensuality.

The top highlights her voluptuous breasts, but what is most striking is undoubtedly the dental floss thong, which reveals her well-shaped rear.

He shows without hesitation his rear

And Noelia knows very well what she has, because she makes a close-up with her cell phone to that part of her body, to stir up the spirits of her friends even more. 2 million followers on Instagram.

Of course, the comments were immediate and his followers applauded the video where he shows himself without the slightest shame, as he usually does in his images that he shares on his Instagram account.

They flatter Noelia’s great body

“Noelia I need a truck like that 😍😍 parthy truck. What a beauty of a goddess. You are a fire woman”, These are some of the comments that the businesswoman also received.

“Beautiful, who could accompany you. I would like to be on top of that truck with you, precious lady Noelia”, Other messages from the faithful followers of the Puerto Rican stand out.

Noelia loves to show that at 42 she has a great body, which she shows off in every photo and video she shares with her followers on Instagram.

The beautiful Puerto Rican does like to party and ignite the spirits of his followerssince a few days ago she published a video where she appears dazzling with transparent leggings, which revealed her black dental floss thong.

His outfit was complemented by long boots and a black leather jacket. This is how Noelia constantly delights the pupil of the gentlemen with daring and sexy tiny outfits that leave little to the imagination.

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