Norman Reedus could come as Ghost Rider to the MCU thanks to the multiverse

The cinematic universe of Marvel it expands more and more and thanks to the arrival of the multiverse the possibilities of entry of famous characters of the company to make their return is greater, being one of the most talked about in recent months Ghost rider.

The famous ghost avenger, who has been played by Nicolas Cage and Gabriel Luna in the Agents of Shield series, however now we could see the classic again Johnny blaze, played by a famous actor from The Walking Dead.

Since the character’s debut in the series and his love for motorcycles, fans have made hundreds of theories that would put Norman reedus like the new Ghost Rider, something that could come true in Marvel studios, coming soon.

Norman Reedus could become Ghost Rider

Norman Reedus is the strongest candidate for the role The character could make his debut in the next Doctor Strange movie

For the past few months he said that Marvel studios was in search of a new Ghost Rider, this information being leaked by Charles Murphy, who stated that one of the strongest candidates is Norman reedus, who became world famous thanks to his role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead.

Marvel fans have been excited by the news that at the moment it is a rumor, although it is not a very far-fetched possibility, since age has nothing to do with the character, and proof of that is the possible arrival of Keanu Reeves to the MCU, who could also be an option to bring life to Johnny blaze.

Ghost Rider is about to hit the MCU

The character could make his debut in the next Doctor Strange movie

So far there have been no official confirmations by pardee executives from Marvel or Norman Reedus, but after the huge acceptance he has had over several months, it is likely that the actor will be chosen as the next Johnny Blaze, who is not the only Ghost Rider but the most popular.

Meanwhile, the multiverse could allow the arrival of this and other characters, and even in the sequel to Doctor Strange we could have the first preview of the character, despite the fact that the face of Norman Reedus is not shown.

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