North American justice anticipates hearing of Alex Saab in the case of money laundering

Alex Saab is linked to Nicolás Maduro, for committing several crimes of corruption.

Photo: FEDERICO PARRA / AFP / Getty Images

This Thursday the advancement of the hearing of the Colombian businessman, Alex Saab, in Miami, for next December 6 was known.

Judge Robert N. Scola Jr. approved a motion requested by the defendant’s defense to advance from December 28 to 6 of that month in the “status” hearing, which is prior to the trial scheduled for January 3, 2022 .

The information was made known by the EFE news agency, which detailed that the US federal judge would be responsible for advancing the trial against Saab, the alleged front man of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, accused of money laundering.

The judge in charge stated that he requires Saab to be present for that hearing.

As detailed by the EFE news agency on November 22, Judge Robert N. Scola Jr., would have affirmed that the trial will last two weeks and will be in charge of a jury, which will be selected in advance.

On November 15, the Colombian pleaded “innocent” of the alleged money laundering of which he is accused.

Also, on November 1, the prosecutor Kurt Lunkenheimer asked to withdraw seven of the eight charges of money laundering, thus leaving only the one of “conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

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