North Carolina man wins over $1 million with lottery scratch-off he gave himself for Father’s Day

a man won over $1 million in the North Carolina Lottery with a scratch-off ticket that he gave himself for Father’s Day.

Raleigh resident John Rogers won’t forget that day this year, as the celebration went double.

On Friday, Rogers, 64, bought a ticket at the Capital Food Mart convenience store on Capital Boulevard, the lottery office reported Saturday.

“This will be the Father’s Day that I will never forget,” the lucky winner declared to lottery officials as he claimed his prize. The man purchased a $100 Million Mega Cash gambling card.

“I was half delirious to tell you the truth,” added the player.

“I still haven’t fallen in time,” he confessed.

Rogers opted for the total sum in one payment of $852,126 dollarsafter subtracting taxes.

The winner plans to use some of the money to catch up on bill payments. He also plans to donate part of the prize to the church and help some relatives.

He also arranges a vacation trip with his wife. “I always told her that I was going to take her to Hawaii, and now I can,” he detailed.