Norwegian sprinter breaks all-time record in Tokyo 2020 and generates tremendous controversy over his shoes

The discipline of athletics in the Tokyo Olympics broke several world records, and one of the most amazing was that of the Norwegian Karsten Warholm, who won the 400m hurdles final.

The sprinter he finished the test in just 45.94 seconds, becoming the first man to do it in less than 46 seconds.

The astonished face of one’s own Warholm, which had the previous record at 46.70 since last July 1 in Oslo, illustrated the incredible magnitude of his new record. “I have dreamed of this like a maniac,” he said.

However, through social networks the achievement of the athlete was disregarded, on the part of those who affirmed that his performance was helped by “Flying slippers”, with a trampoline technology that helped him improve his jump.

Faced with the accusations, the athlete stated that although their shoes are high-tech they are not designed to alter their performance.

If you put a trampoline there, I think it sucks. I think it takes away the credibility of our sport. I don’t see why you should put something under a running shoe“Warholm assured during an interview with AFP.

He also said: “We are trying to make them as credible as possible. Yes, we have the carbon plate, but we have tried to make it as thin as possible because that is how I like to do it. Of course, the technology will always be there, but I also want to keep it at a level where we can compare the results. That is important”.

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