Not just Belinda. Dolores del Río was married to a man 10 years younger than her

Mexico.- It’s more common than it seems for couples to have a big age gap like Belinda and Christian Nodal, who are almost a decade apart, which is reminiscent of the relationship that beloved Dolores de Río had with Lewis A. Riley, who was ten years older.

Strong controversies have gone through the singers because they have a large age difference, Well, while Belinda is 29 years old, Nodal is barely 23, which has surprised many, however, they are just one of the couples who take several more years in the entertainment world.

Dolores del Río was one of the most rememberedWell, she was 45 years old when she met the famous American theater impresario Lewis, who was only 35. But the age difference was never an impediment to their great love.

Not just Belinda. Dolores del Río was married to a man 10 years younger than her. Photo: Internet

It was in 1949 when they met in Acapulco and ten years later, that is, she was 55 and he was 45, they married in New York in 1959. The couple was very close and lived together for years in a house in the actress, who is remembered as La Escondida and is located in the Coyoacán neighborhood, in Mexico City.

Together with the millionaire and adventurous businessman, well placed within the Hollywood cinema in the 40s, Dolores lived her last years of life, enjoying great moments together and her emblematic parties at La Escondida, where different figures from the entertainment world met. , society, politics and art.

Years later, after facing diseases such as osteomyelitis, hepatitis and arthritis, Dolores del Río died at the age of 78 in Newport Beach, California, due to liver failure, ending their love, a story of many years.

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