Not only Belinda and Christian Nodal, Aleida Núñez also confirms her breakup with Bubba Saulsbury?

In a meeting she had with the media, the beautiful Mexican actress Aleida Nunezwas surprised to announce that his love relationship with the American businessman Bubba Saulsbury would have ended. He mentioned that having a distance courtship did not work for them.

Let us remember that their love relationship was made known earlier this year, after a trip they made to the Middle East, visiting cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi (capital of the United Arab Emirates) and Istanbul, Turkey. Even though Aleida Nunez did not post pictures with Bubba Saulsburyhe did on his Facebook profile.

“Unfortunately, the distance is not in your favor,” said the 41-year-old singer, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco state, Mexico. It is worth mentioning that the now ex-boyfriend of her lives is a native of Odessa, Texas, United States.

The fact that he is in Texas and I am here, the truth is there are many things that at the time one would like to share, more closely, so many emotions of happiness or sadness.

Aleida Núñez added that unfortunately because of the distance, “sometimes that affects us so that there can be a close connection.” She did not want to delve further into the subject, because she is going through sad moments due to the death of her puppy Bambi, who was by her side for 15 years.

Bubba Saulsbury is an oil millionaire and political activist; he is executive vice president of strategy for Saulsbury Industries, a company owned by his family. He and Aleida met last October through a mutual friend.

A few weeks ago, in another chat with several entertainment reporters, he was asked if he would like to start a family with Bubba, “it’s too rushed to talk about it because we’re just getting to know each other, it’s been a few months,” he said. “You have to see how things turn out, today I have more stability than ever in my life in many ways.”

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She was also questioned if she would marry again and be a mother for the second time, “the truth is that right now I don’t have that in mind.” However, Aleida Núñez would not rule out having another child through her sister’s womb. It is worth mentioning that the soap opera actress has an eight-year-old son named Alexander, the result of the marriage she had with Pablo Glogovsky, whom she divorced in 2017.