“Nothing unites Mexico more”: Chumel Torres’ acid comment after Alfredo Adame’s fight

Mexican actor Alfredo Adame starred in a street fight with a woman. (Photo: Capture)

Alfredo Adame was back in the public eye after a video went viral where it is observed the actor starring in a street fight against a couple in the middle of a public thoroughfare. Given this, the negative comments towards the artist did not stop flooding social networks.

It all started when images began to spread on TikTok and Twitter where Adame hits the couple’s vehicle with his fists, unleashing the fury of the woman who he gets out of the car to throw himself into the blows. In this first clip you can see the former politician starting the aggression.

In an interview for Newscast The actor mentioned that the discussion happened because the motorist had “thrown” the car and was about to cause an accident. Given this, Adame would have decided to claim him.

“I open to the right, under the glass and when I walk past them (…) I say ‘hey, son of such and such, what are you up to, dude,'” he explained.

Adame also pointed out in the program Gossip that he was the victim of robbery by the people with whom he appeared fighting. He added that while confronting the woman, he realized that the man had already grabbed his cell phone.

But beyond the background of the discussion, what caught the attention of Internet users was that the two people severely beat Alfredo Adame and even eHe fell to the floor and his shirt tore open due to the struggle.

In this sense, Chumel Torres was quick to react and made a sarcastic comment from his personal Twitter account.

Alfredo Adame - fight on public roads - 01-25-22
Adame was beaten to the ground (Photo: Twitter screenshot/@VideosVirales69)

Fact: Nothing unites Mexico more than Alfredo Adame being shamefully grabbed,” wrote.

Given this, users were quick to react and some criticized the driver of the pulse of the republic for your opinion on this matter.

“But if it had been a random woman who had been assaulted on video for what looked like trying to get her phone back, then would it be different?unto? I will keep this fact in case one day you join Mexico in the same way”, wrote a netizen.

However, others agreed with Chumel and mentioned that Alfredo Adame needed to know how to defend himself during the moment that went viral on networks.

The Adame lacks a neighborhood … it is saved from a right-hand overhand, that wherever they connect it, they restart MS 2 and collect the teeth in a bag…”, added @doc_acido.

Chumel Torres
Chumel Torres made fun of Alfredo Adame’s situation (Photo: Twitter @ChumelTorres)

Carlos Trejo vs. Alfredo Adame

After the viralization of a video where Alfredo Adame got into a fight with a group of people in the street, the specialist in paranormal phenomena Carlos Trejo mocked the television actor comparing it to a “panda bear”.

It should be noted that the enmity between the two personalities has arisen for years and is apparently so intense that they have already challenged each other. physical fights that have not come to fruition. Towards the end of his video, Carlos Trejo he mentioned the following between laughs of derision:

“Perate, that is, panda bear, don’t play, that is, be your bombshell quiña quiña. How funny! If it weren’t for these and the fortnightly days, I don’t know what I would do”

Carlos Trejo probably came up with the comparison of Adame with a panda bear because the actor fell to the ground several times and did not show great fighting skills, so if one day he truly faced him, It would be a “tender” or easy rival to beat.


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