Novel story: Carolina Sandoval’s daughter, Bárbara Camila, finally meets Ximena Duque’s son

Carolina Sandoval told through Instagram that both Ximena DuqueThey, like herself, were excited at the prospect of their respective children meeting. This had never happened, until a few hours ago, where chance was stronger than the intention of two mothers, matchmakers?

Barbara Camila and Cristan Carabias They met in a beauty salon. Carolina Sandoval recorded the exact moment in which this happened through her official Instagram account and narrated the situation with these words: “OMG! An unorganized novel encounter, but much desired, more by the mothers than by themselves. …by the way, See the moment of surprise when Cristián and my Barbie see each other for the first time!”.

The reaction of the followers of Carolina Sandoval has not been long in coming, and many are already saying that these two sons of celebrities make a very good couple. It should be noted that they have also become celebrities in this digital world.

Bárbara Camila is following in the footsteps of her famous and entrepreneurial mom. She also has her own company and has more than a million followers on Instagram. For his part, Cristan has already exceeded half a million followers on Instagram. For many, the fact that these two young people could hit it off, now that they know each other, would be like a dream come true.

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