November was 40 murders and more than 21 injured in Cancun

The executions and armed attacks in November in Cancun they were the daily bread; According to data collected from the number of reports that entered C5 and the number of bodies found and people killed with knives and firearms, from 1 to 30, there were 40 deaths in violent acts and around 21 injured.

Among the regions that presented the highest rate of high-impact crimes are, the Prado Norte subdivision, Supermanzana 234 In the invasion zone and Superblock 259 Villas Otoch Paraíso, attacks with firearms occurred in those places, in some cases there were injuries and in most all the victims died.

At least six executions on Sm 234 in Cancun

November was 40 murders and more than 21 injured in Cancun

It is worth mentioning that only in the invasion zone in the SM 234 Around 6 deaths were registered, while so far this year, from January to date there are already more than 12 and although the authorities have not given an explanation in this regard with this region, it is said that it is due to a lawsuit between rival groups , but this is not confirmed.

In this sense, the number of injured in November was as follows, on 2, 7 and 8 of the month there were three injured, on 9 two injured, on 10 two more; On 16, 17, 21 and 25, nine people and on 26 and 27 two, of which two are women, one older and one minor, while the remaining 15 are from male gender.

During November, the events that most sounded were, the clandestine grave found in Sm 520, an armed attack against two women in Sm 234, a subject who was taken from a bar in Cancun port and then he was found dead in Sm 75, an armed attack against five people, one died at the scene, another case was that of the stabbed family, where the mother died, the children were hospitalized and the father was torn between the life and death.

November was 40 murders and more than 21 injured in Cancun

The latest murders were that of a foreign woman killed by her sentimental partner in a hotel in Puerto Juárez, the other of a woman originally from Cuba, who was riddled with at least five shots and was known for singing and dancing salsa in nightclubs.

Finally, it seems that November will be the most violent month of 2021, since until the writing of this note, December has not registered any execution, although it has been a high-impact event, where the FGE detained four subjects, who tried to escape and because of them they activated the red code on December 2.

November was 40 murders and more than 21 injured in Cancun


November 1st:

  • Three murders in Supermanzana 260, Prado Norte subdivision

November 3:

  • Lifeless body in Superblock 215 with narco-cardboard

November 4th:

  • Headless body at Sm 260, Prado Norte
  • Lifeless body on Sm 73 with narco-message

November 5th:

  • Bagged body on the Sm 225
  • Shot in the area of ​​the invasion of Sm 234

November 6th:

  • Clandestine grave with two bodies at Sm 520
  • Lifeless body in the neighborhood “Los García”, Supermanzana 245

November 7:

  • Armed attack, one dead and one wounded Sm 234, invasion zone

November 8th:

  • Execution in the gym “Iron GYM”, Sm 91

November 9:

  • Two lifeless bodies in Sm 77
  • Lifeless body in the colony “El Jordan”
  • Lifeless body with traces of torture on Sm 97

November 10:

  • Murder with a knife in Sm 259 for alleged quarrel
  • Lifeless body in the Real Valencia subdivision, superblock 260
  • Armed attack on two women in 234, one dies

November 14th:

  • Executed Region 75, near the Candelario Lira Manzana 60 sports field.

Nov. 16:

  • Executed Region 103, on avenida 149.
  • One executed in Supermanzana 29, on Chichén Itzá avenue with Tanka.

November 19th:

  • Bagged on a dirt road in the Kusamil Sm 110 subdivision.

November 20:

  • Lifeless body in weedy area, Venado colony, Sm 206.

November 21:

  • Execution outside a Modelorama in Region 237.

November 22th:

  • Killed in Paseos del Mar, Sm 251.

November 23:

  • Sm 234 calle 103, almost on the corner with calle 95, a lifeless body with a handcuff.

November 25:

  • Woman murdered while sleeping in the Valle Verde neighborhood.
  • A man was shot to death in the Tres Reyes neighborhood in Cancun.

November 26:

  • Executed taxi driver, on Avenida Talleres in Region 103.

November 27:

  • Woman beaten to death by her partner at the All Ritmo hotel on Sm 86 Puerto Juárez.
  • With the coup de grace; executed in the La Amistad neighborhood.
  • Cuban singer executed Supermanzana 202, Manzana 24.
  • Another murder at Sm 234 the victim was identified as 46-year-old Aurelio GM.

November 28:

  • Armed attack in the subdivision Villas Otoch Paraíso, Sm 259, one executed.
  • Region 234, subject of approximately 30 years of age, shot to death.

November 30:

  • Handcuffed and with traces of torture, he died at Sm 237, 27th Street, Manzana 54.
  • Motorcycle taxi driver killed on Bugambilias avenue with Margaritas avenue on Sm 259.


November 2nd:

  • Young man wounded by a bullet on the SM 260 on Chetumal street

Seven of november:

  • Two men and a woman were shot at Sm 60, block 9
  • Armed attack on a man at Sm 234

November 8:

  • Two injured on Sm 105

November 9:

  • A young man injured in the Villas Otoch Paraíso subdivision
  • Motorcycle taxi driver injured on Sm 260

November 10:

  • A mother injured after an armed attack on Sm 234
  • Attempted execution on Sm 68, the victim was taken to hospital

Nov. 16:

  • Four injured in Superblock 29, on Chichén Itzá avenue with Tanka.

November 17:

  • Injured man escapes from his kidnappers at Sm 102, block 57.

November 21:

  • Shot outside his home in the invasion zone of Region 234.

November 25:

  • Three injured in the Valle Verde neighborhood, family attacked with a knife.

November 26:

  • Injured on Paseo del Maple Street in the Villas Otoch subdivision.

November 27:

  • Another taxi driver from the Andrés Quintana Roo union was shot. Sm 237.

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