NYC: Shootings down in July and “war” against gangs announced

NYC: Shootings down in July and “war” against gangs announced

383 firearms arrests last month alone, a 133.5% increase compared to 2020

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We are getting the bad guys off the streets! “ This is how Dermot Shea, commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), summarized the efforts of recent months to stop the escalation of gunpowder and blood that has shaken the Big Apple since 2020. And, at least, for the authorities there are some progress to celebrate.

This Thursday, the official numbers released by the City suggest that last July, traditionally the hottest and most violent, the homicide rate it plummeted almost 50%. And the shootings by 35%.

“The efforts between our officers and their partners in the prosecutors’ offices have been key. from the boroughs of the Bronx and Manhattan, as well as the Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who have advanced two important operations that led to dozens of gang member arrests. That is our goal, to continue hitting these groups with precision, with intelligence, ”explained Shea.

The Uniformed reported 29 murders throughout the month of July 2021, compared to the 57 reported in July 2020 in the heat of the pandemic and the demonstrations due to police brutality.

That number is even less than the 34 homicides reported in July 2019, a decrease of 14.7%.

All-out war on the gangs

Additionally, NYPD reported 158 shooting incidents last month, down from the 243 shootings that occurred in July 2020. Still, the July 2021 figure is 79.5% higher than the 88 shootings recorded in July 2019 before the pandemic.

Being tough on gang members it is what will once again define peace in the streets of our city ”, the highest police chief reinforced.

The commissioner pointed out that the police institution has 5,100 open cases, many of them suspected members of dangerous gangs, currently pending in the criminal justice system.

“When we start to see those cases adjudicated, it will be seen to fall crime and violence plummeting, they are groups that do not accept help, who put weapons in the streets“, he claimed.

Adding to the dynamics of the criminal power of New York City gangs, in addition to the illegal possession of weapons, robberies, drug trafficking and extortion, sophisticated cyber embezzlement.

This was demonstrated the recent operation that ended with the capture in the Bronx of eight alleged gang members of the ‘Block 30’ gang, in which five of the defendants committed financial crimes, and acts of “sophisticated robbery ”of 10 drivers Uber and Lyft, who stole their cell phones and after accessing their cell phones made bank transfers, emptying the accounts of the victims through the apps on their phones.

De Blasio: Safe Summer Plan works

In his daily press conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio associated the reduction in murder and shooting rates with the initiative ‘Safe Summer NYC 2021’ that began in May, which increased police resources and the budget for disrupting groups of the violence that structure community programs to lift young people from poor neighborhoods out of the clutches of gangs.

The municipal president shared that in general the murders were reduced by 26% and shootings by 10% since this plan was put into effect before the summer.

Official police figures also show that the number of detonation victims also fell by 11% in the last three months, compared to the bloody 2020.

The district attorney of The Bronx, Darcel Clark, joined the briefing to discuss the all-out gang war in that county.

“Having the cooperation of the public is essential to the success of the prosecutions, we are no longer doing criminal justice in the same way. We need the community to help us identify those who are causing harm. When we check there are a few and we want to reach them precisely, ”Clark said.

August starts in red

But while the City celebrates a decrease in violence in July, the month of August shows discouraging signs in the fight against armed violence. Just last weekend, 15 people were injured by detonations, ten of them in the middle of a shooting in front of a laundry on Avenida 37 and Calle 99 in the neighborhood. Corona in Queens. The event is attributed to a confrontation between gang members.

But as the authorities make progress in the battle against crime, coalitions such as Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) have expressed strong concerns about how the police action of ‘Stop and Review’ is intensifying and continues to be disproportionately directed at Black and Hispanic communities.

In addition, they report that NYPD officials have intervened 220 times more in public schools located in poor neighborhoods during 2021, according to an analysis by the organization. Youth for Gender Equality (GGE).

Total shootings in 2021

  • 898 shootings have been recorded on the streets of the Big Apple in 2021 through last weekend compared to 771 during the same period last year.
  • 16% is the hike of shootings so far this year.
  • 383 arrests for firearms in July, more than double the amount reported year-over-year.

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