NYPD Saved Bridge Jumper on Saw Mill River Parkway Overpass Above Interstate 87 Near Yonkers Raceway

A mentally disturbed man was held in the air by Yonkers police when he attempted to jump from a freeway bridge.

It was 3:30 AM on a Thursday in October when the Yonkers Police Department received a concerned call from a witness about a troubled man leaning over the guardrail of a highway overpass near Yonkers Raceway. The man, dressed in sandals, dark pants, and a hoodie, had his head down and was dangerously close to the edge above Interstate 87.

The witness feared the man intended to take his life by jumping onto the busy highway below.

Officers Rush to Save the Man’s Life

Officers Michael Heath and Sandro Vazquez were among the police who rushed to the scene. Body camera footage shows the officers slowly and calmly approaching the visibly anguished man. “I’m here to help,” Officer Vazquez assured him. The two pleaded with the man to step away from the precarious guardrail so they could talk.

“Let’s talk about whatever’s going on, and then we’ll leave,” Officer Heath offered in a soothing tone. But the man remained unresponsive, fixated on the highway below.

Dramatic Leap Stopped By Lightning-Quick Reactions

After over 15 tense minutes of attempted dialogue, the man unexpectedly swung his legs over the railing. In a stunning burst of quick reflexes and physical courage, six officers immediately grabbed the man as he hung in mid-air above speeding traffic. With vehicles rushing past just feet below, the officers lifted the man to safety in a remarkable rescue.

Mayor Praises “Good and Compassionate” Police Work

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano commended the officers, saying their “good and compassionate work” saved the man and motorists from injury and “potentially worse.” He applauded the “precision” the officers showed, noting their efforts highlighted the value of proper training to assist people in mental distress.

Police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza echoed the mayor’s praise, saying the officers showed an “amazing” commitment to public safety in their patient attempts to help before reacting with “quick action” to save the man’s life.

Heightened Urgency Around Suicide Prevention

The dramatic incident comes amid heightened concern over suicides on Hudson Valley bridges. Advocates have called for safety barriers on local bridges to deter jumpers and save lives. Senators have also pushed for legislation requiring “anti-suicide” fencing on bridges overseen by the New York State Bridge Authority.

The disturbing case in Yonkers underscores the urgent need for suicide prevention resources and specialized training to identify warning signs. Thanks to these dedicated officers’ compassion and split-second reactions, one life was saved that otherwise could have been tragically lost. Their commitment to protecting human life, even at great personal risk, is a moving reminder of the best in human nature.

For immediate assistance in a crisis, dial or text 9-8-8. The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline operates around the clock throughout the United States, offering confidential, no-cost support to those in distress and crisis prevention and resources for you or those you care about.