Generation Z’s secret codes on Instagram: The meaning of o22 and its counterparts

What does o22 mean on Instagram? Learn here the meaning of this and more fashion codes to communicate.

What does o22 mean on Instagram? We explain the meaning of this and other codes that centennials are using to communicate. A few days ago, using various codes that include a number preceded by the lowercase letter “o” became popular on Instagram and TikTok.

The codes have been so widely used that they have become a trend thanks to how useful they prove for young people between 18 and 26.

Also, because of the confusion that the codes have generated among those ignorant of their meaning and have turned to the networks for answers.

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o22 and the other viral codes on Instagram, what are they for?

Digital marketing expert Alex Ferox created a video on TikTok to clear doubts about viral codes on Instagram.

According to the also TikToker, these codes have been created by centennials, also known as Generation Z, to communicate secretly.

And is that o22 and the other 25 viral codes on Instagram and TikTok “serve to flirt, flirt, flirt, flirt or whatever they call it” today for those under 26?

Also interesting:

“These codes mean nothing more than the initial letter of the name of the person they like,” adds Ferox.

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What do o22 and the other 25 viral codes on Instagram mean?

Faced with the explanation about o22 and the other viral codes, some have reacted with sadness to discover that they are not so young anymore.

For they were unaware of the meaning of the new trend.

Other social network users consider that young people have so much leisure time nowadays that they don’t know what else to invent to keep themselves busy.

Anyway, these viral codes are here to stay on the web for at least a week, so you better know the meaning of each one as follows:

  • A: o22
  • B: o76
  • C: o99
  • D: o12
  • E: o43
  • F: o98
  • G: o24
  • H: o34
  • I: o66
  • J: o45
  • K: o54
  • L: o84
  • M: o33
  • N: o12
  • O: o89
  • P: o29
  • Q: o38
  • R: o56
  • S: o23
  • T: o65
  • U: o41
  • V: o74
  • W: o77
  • X: o39
  • Y: o26
  • Z: o10

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