Octavio Ocaña fired César Bono from the Televisa Vecinos show

  • First it was Ana Bertha Espín and now César Bono says goodbye to ‘his son Benito’ in Neighbors
  • Octavio Ocaña played Benito Rivers in the popular comedy series
  • The actor asked for applause for the now deceased actor

In days of consternation over the tragic death of 22-year-old actor Octavio Ocaña, after many artists expressed their condolences, now it is César Bono’s turn to do the same and in a very emotional way, he said goodbye to his former son ‘Benito’ in the Neighbors series.

First it was the actress Ana Bertha Espín, Octavio Ocaña’s’ fake mother ‘, as she played Benito Rivers’ mother in Neighbors, who, devastated, left a moving final message to the 22-year-old and this time it was now the turn of César Bono who did the same.

César Bono gave an emotional farewell to his ‘son Benito’ in Neighbors

Instagram: Ana Bertha Espín

While Eugenio Derbez and Lalo España demanded justice for the tragedy of Octavio Ocaña, who according to versions of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico was fleeing in his van from the policemen when he tried to arrest him along with two people for an alleged state of drunkenness and everything ended with a shot in the head ‘accidental’, now César Bono says goodbye in a different way.

During his most recent theater performance of ‘Defendiendo al Cavernícola’ on October 31, César Bono asked theatergoers to give his ‘friend’ a round of applause: “There is a beautiful tradition in the theater. At least I really like it. When someone comes forward and leaves us, instead of saying goodbye with silence, we tend to say goodbye to our colleagues with a minute of applause. As you know, Octavio Ocaña died, who came out of Benny Rivers in ‘Neighbors’ ”, he began by explaining.

César Bono paid tribute to his ‘friend and son’ in Neighbors, Octavio Ocaña

Neighbors, Octavio Ocaña, César Bono

César Bono continued with his emotional parting words: “All I can tell you is that he was five years old when he started working for you, to amuse you and that is how he had been doing it for 16 years until yesterday he left us, abandoned us and I want to ask them to please join me now that I can’t even clap. To applaud my friend Octavio Ocaña, wait a minute if you are so nice ”.

Faced with this situation, those attending the theater play by the actor from Vecinos did not hesitate to applaud loudly to honor the career and memory of Octavio Ocaña who, from a young age, stood out on television for his particular physique and charisma that fell in love with millions in different television appearances.

César Bono loved Octavio Ocaña with all his soul in Neighbors

Octavio Ocaña filmed Neighbors

Octavio Ocaña had been working on television since he was a child and in his most recent interviews he would have expressed that it was very difficult for him to find work given the long hiatus that the series ‘Necinos’ had, which this year would have barely returned successfully to a fifth season for the TV.

In this comedy program that includes great actors such as Ana Bertha Espín, Macaria, Lalo España, among others and is produced by Eugenio Derbez, César Bono played Frankie Rivers, a frustrated actor who was obsessed by his only film called ‘La Toalla del Mojado ‘, and tried to convince his son Benito Rivers, Octavio Ocaña, to enter the performance even though he never wanted to.

People are moved by the way César Bono pays tribute to ‘Benito’ from Vecinos

César Bono says goodbye to Octavio Ocaña in Necinos

The messages to the YouTube video shared on the channel ‘Carlo Uriel’ where César Bono says goodbye to Octavio Ocaña in the theater at the end of his performance, did not wait: “Mr. César Bono must have been very hurt by this loss since he shared a lot with the boy since he was little ”,“ I couldn’t help crying, I always liked that actor ”.

“What emotional words two great companions”, “Applause to heaven, surely he listens to you, to be full of Light”, “How sad that on this beautiful planet there are such horrible people, poor Octavio I always liked to see him in Neighbors and it was surprising when you saw it in a chapter of a child and another adult … “,” It is inevitable to be moved when I see this heartfelt tribute. Hopefully justice is done and his memory of Octavio does not go unpunished, “said more people.

The parents of ‘Benito’ in Vecinos mourn their loss: Ana Bertha Espín and César Bono are devastated

César Bono, Octavio Ocaña, Neighbors
YouTube: Carlo Uriel

The tragic and unexpected death of the 22-year-old actor Octavio Ocaña, better known as ‘Benito’ from the comedy show Vecinos, from the Televisa company, shocked everyone when the terrible circumstances in which the actor lost his life came to light. life on the streets of Mexico and everything is maintained between different hypotheses. And Ana Bertha Espín was no exception.

While the Mexican comedians Eugenio Derbez and Lalo España made known their discontent, shock and absolute horror at the tragic events and demanded justice to clarify the case of Octavio Ocaña, the actress Ana Bertha Espín, the actor’s ‘mother’ in the popular series Neighbors , left his message shattered. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CÉSAR BONO SAYING GOODBYE TO OCTAVIO OCAÑA DE NEIGHBORS

Ana Bertha Espín devastated by the death of her ‘son Benito’ in Necinos

Ana Bertha Espín says goodbye to Octavio Ocaña
PHOTO: Instagram

While the Attorney General’s Office gave the version that the actor had shot himself, other people say that everything is quite strange given the circumstances of the police persecution of Octavio Ocaña’s truck, the crash and the way in which the photos and videos show his bloodied body.

The truth is that the death of the young actor shocks the entertainment world because of the horrible way in which he died and his fellow Neighbors are devastated, but the one who worked closely with him, by embodying his mother on the Televisa show was the actress Ana Bertha Espín.

“With a broken heart”, published a message Ana Bertha Espín

PHOTO: Twitter

The mother of ‘Benito’, Octavio Ocaña’s character in the popular Televisa Vecinos series, was very hurt by the actor’s tragic death and left a message on his account. Twitter, to say goodbye to his son in the comedy show that made the 22-year-old so famous.

“I am heartbroken for your departure. My condolences to your dear family. Rest in peace, Octavio de mi corazón, ”wrote Ana Bertha Espín with broken-hearted emoticons and crying faces, at the death of ‘her son Benito’ on the Vecinos show, a Televisa comedy series.

People are shocked after the tragic death and nobody can believe it

Neighbors, cast of Ana Bertha Espín
PHOTO: Twitter

Before the moving message of the actress Ana Bertha Espín, the reactions on Twitter did not wait: “His little son left, what a pain, life is so uncertain a hug “,” Octavio Ocaña leaves a very beloved character Benito Rivers “,” sometimes what they say ‘mother is the one who begets and also who raises him’ and you were also in these years that you were recording with him, today his little Octavio part, but his memory never ceases to shine to you and his family, my sincere condolences ”.

And the condolences were more and more moving: “I thought of you, because so many years, so much living together, of course you became your fake mother … it’s a shame … rest in peace”, “mmy condolences to his entire family for such a regrettable loss # OctavioOcaña (yep) and for you my dear #AnaBerthaEspin, that for many years he was his mother in Neighbors “,” what sad and devastating news, my deepest condolences to you and your family, may he have prompt resignation and may God receive him in his glory. ”

The comments of pain do not disappear, after the terrible end that the actor Octavio Ocaña had

The comments of pain do not disappear, after the terrible end that the actor had
PHOTO: Twitter

The fans of Ana Bertha Espín and Octavio Ocaña in Vecinos were devastated and continued to fill the message of ‘Benito’s mother’ with words of condolences: “What a great shame Mrs. Ana Bertha, We will always remember the great Benito fondly. I cannot imagine the sadness that all those who worked with him are going through, for us viewers it feels (that) a relative died. Rest in peace my good Octavio ”,“ totally agree, he leaves us a huge emptiness in our hearts, but also a great legacy in his short passage through this life, every time he sees #Neighbors I will remember the great Benito Rivers !!! ”.

“Nur “open book hairstyle”, “son of Donald Trump” the great Benny Rivers, as our head concierge, the squeaky porter, used to tell him ”,“ even if you weren’t his biological mother, it’s as if you were; You saw him grow up, my condolences, he will always be with you. A hug “,” we will always be grateful to you for being a second mother for Octavio “Benito” in Neighbors, rest in peace “,” moments of great sadness and dismay, God give great strength to each of your relatives and your acting family that together they accompanied him in his growth ”, commented more people.

While Ana Bertha Espín laments, Eugenio Derbez and Lalo Spain ask for justice

While Ana Bertha Espín laments, Eugenio Derbez and Lalo Spain ask for justice
PHOTO: Twitter

A terrible tragedy. In the early hours of Saturday, the sensitive death of the young actor Octavio Ocaña was announced, famous for playing Benito in the series Neighbors, who died after he was shot in the head, causing several celebrities, including Eugenio Derbez, broke the silence and lamented his loss, in addition to asking for justice.

It should be noted that this “Mexican sitcom television series”, produced by Televisa, was created in 2004 by actor and director Eugenio Derbez and is based on the original Spanish series Here there is no one who lives, by Alberto Caballero and Laura Caballero . Everyone was taken by surprise by this cunning crime. Some images of this note come from the following video