Octavio Ocaña Nerea, girlfriend Nerea Godínez unleashes problems

  • Octavio Ocaña’s father finally gave a controversial statement about the late actor’s girlfriend
  • Nerea Godínez has starred in many dimes and diretes since the death of Octavio Ocaña
  • Does the gentleman disagree with the attitude of the young woman?

A month after the tragic death of the actor Octavio Ocaña, his father, Mr. Octavio Pérez, gave an interview to a local media outlet in his native Tabasco where he did not leave Nerea Godínez, his son’s girlfriend, “ well off ”. to whom he was committed and loved his child as if he were his father.

Nerea Godínez gained popularity and notoriety since the tragic death of Octavio Ocaña, as the girl began to air very intimate moments with the actor, in the midst of the drama of his death, in addition to outraging locals and strangers for going with very small shorts to the funeral of her fiancé.

Octavio Ocaña’s father would be outraged by Nerea Godínez’s attitude

Instagram: Octavio Ocaña

The digital portal ‘Diario Presente’, reported through a note, on the controversial statements that Octavio Ocaña’s father gave a month after the tragic end of the ‘Vecinos’ actor while he was fleeing from the State of Mexico police, for driving in an apparent state of drunkenness and with bottles in his truck.

After it was indicated that the alleged perpetrators of the actor’s death had been the police, who allegedly manipulated the scene of the accident, to ‘make believe’ that he had shot himself in the head by accident, Octavio Ocaña’s father calmer, Mind your reaction and what you want for the case.

Does Octavio Ocaña’s father wish death to those responsible for his son’s tragic end?

Nerea Godínez, girlfriend of Octavio Ocaña

As reported by the ‘Diario Presente’, Octavio Ocaña’s father specified that at first, the feeling that invaded him for the loss of his son was courage, and more because they tried to stain the reputation of the actor and his family, ensuring that ‘They were in bad ways’, for all the videos that came to light.

“I am not a murderer, my head filled with anger, but kill them? (to the policemen), I would not gain anything and what I want is to see them sunk in jail, ”the media cites about the words of Mr. Octavio Pérez, who remains firm in his version that the police are primarily responsible for the death of the actor.

Does it justify the behavior of the Vecinos actor and his girlfriend Nerea Godínez?

Octavio Ocaña's father rants about Nerea Godínez

Octavio Ocaña’s father assured that his son was like any young man who liked to have fun and experiment, alluding to the footage of ‘Benito Rivers’, consuming drugs and shooting weapons, which until now it is not known who he came from. that were leaked at the height of the controversial case.

But the newspaper cites the confession of Mr. Octavio Pérez about the behavior he has had throughout the month, his son’s girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, who has dealt with criticism of all kinds for the way it has been perceived by social networks and his way of expressing the courage and melancholy he has for the actor’s death.

Does the actor’s father no longer tolerate his daughter-in-law Nerea Godínez?

The father of the deceased actor made a controversial statement

And it is that before the attitude of sharing intimate moments with Octavio Ocaña and the indignation caused by his way of handling the actor’s duel, Nerea Godínez did provoke reactions in the people and in the family of her fiancé, because the father of ‘Benito ‘disagreed with many things he did.

According to what he allegedly declared in the interview for ‘Diario Presente’, Don Octavio Pérez said that in the death of his son, Nerea Godínez had nothing to do, but “with so many suckers … that draws attention, she should not to answer now because they are finishing it and I love her very much but she does not have to interfere, we are my wife, my daughters and I. She answers people, they lie to them and things should not be like that, she deviated and it is her request… ”, concluded by the recent decision of her daughter-in-law to ‘disappear’ from social networks before the comments of the people.

The latest controversial statement from the girlfriend of ‘Benito Rivers’

The actor was dead for a month

Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend is in the eye of the hurricane before the comments and criticisms of the people who have followed the issue of the actor’s death and it is that many speculate if the young woman has already stopped crying and now her actions are aimed at gaining fame or followers.

Take many photos of the actor’s coffin surrounded by flowers in the middle of the funeral, share intimate moments, some from the bed of the deceased Octavio Ocaña, continue to send messages on the subject, dedicate oneself to denying all the false information that is emerging around whoever it was’ Benito ‘de Vecinos, have led Nerea Godínez to ask her if she continues to be hurt by the death of her boyfriend, or if she is already trying to stand out’ taking advantage ‘of the issue.

Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, with bad behavior?

Nerez Godínez girlfriend of Octavio Ocaña

And it is that fans of the actor, as well as even seers, have questioned the behavior that the young woman with colored eyes has had since Octavio Ocaña died in tragic circumstances on October 29 and she in her desire to keep him alive through her memory and special moments, as well as asking for justice, has garnered various criticisms.

In her Instagram account, Nerea Godínez, she commanded her detractors and people who question her attitude and way of seeing herself days after burying her fiancé, the actor Octavio Ocaña, and sent a forceful message clarifying her attitude and especially the way to handle this difficult moment.

Nerea Godínez sends a message from her bed, and without clothes?

Nerez Godínez, girlfriend Octavio Ocaña message

What is supposed to be a serious issue, took another course when the girl, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, decided to record herself from her bed, apparently without clothes, covering herself with some blankets and talking about the criticism she has received for allegedly seeking fame and gaining followers with the subject of her fiancé’s death.

“Hello, how are you, I was very hesitant to make this video because I don’t want you to keep bombing and attacking… This topic with who knows who this person is, this Cat, this seer, has already reached my limit, I want them to know that he has me blocked, I found out about all this information, not from the photo that I just uploaded, but from my family from my friends who saw it, if I had any truth, why block me… ”, Nerea Godínez began narrating.

The controversial message from Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend

The actor's girlfriend sends a message

Attributing to the fact that a person caused some criticisms that he made about her to go viral, accusing her of being the probable person responsible for the leak of the latest controversial videos of Octavio Ocaña, Nerea Godínez continued talking about the subject: “I just ask you to stop to believe all that crap that they take out, that they invent … I am not to blame for anything, I do not have bad friends, in fact if you want to go see this ‘Valerito’, he interviewed me and there we talked a little … “, he said.

But things did not stop there and the mother of a child continued saying: “Yes it bothers me, they have already reached a point where it does bother me because I did not ask for this, I did not ask that out of nowhere the whole people start to follow, my profile has always been public, I am not someone who when he began to see that I had requests I made it public, so I did not ask for this, I did not ask people to follow me, so stop attacking me, because I have not done absolutely nothing ”, one hears Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend say.

“Stop attacking me,” pleads Nerea Godínez

Nerea Godinez

Faced with the constant criticism, the young woman spoke about why she doesn’t look sad or crying: “You don’t see me cry… you don’t have to see me cry, that’s something I keep to myself, so I ask you to please stop sharing what this person writes that I do not know if it is a man or a woman … they are already uploading it to Facebook to the page that you did about justice for Octavio Ocaña and it has 200 thousand followers and many people believe that it is true and begins to comment … “, referring to the accusations against him.

“I can’t stand it anymore, I know I have to ignore all these kinds of people, a lot of people have told me but I can’t, I can’t keep quiet anymore, so I’m going to stop uploading things for a while and going out in the press because I can’t take it anymore ”, ended her video on Instagram Nerea Godínez, announcing her break from social networks.

Don’t people believe in the pain of Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend?

Funeral of the actor, photo of girlfriend Octavio Ocaña

The comments of Nerea Godínez’s video were immediate: “I think that to make your videos, you must dress, you went to Beny’s funeral in a short, it’s not worth it, I respect”, “Everyone has their mourning there is no need to crying for the cameras so they can talk about you later sometimes it’s good to cry silently be strong you’re an incredible woman “,” It’s unfair that despite the pain this girl is going through they attack her and blame her for everything when She is the one who lost the love of her life and is devastated, have a little respect “,” How unfair they are with you … on top of suffering the loss of your fiancé, now put up with all those criticisms. That’s not fair”.

A week after the terrible death of the actor Octavio Ocaña, his father, Octavio Pérez, announced the possible arrest of policemen involved in the case of the actor and who have been identified as ‘alleged’ responsible for what led ‘Benito Rivers’ to lose your life so tragically. What if the police were chasing him and shooting to intimidate him, what if they accidentally shot him that killed him and put the gun on him to pretend that he shot himself, what if a policewoman stole a chain and what if they They are behind the leak of compromising videos and unfortunate photos of Octavio Ocaña snorting cocaine, using weapons and even his corpse in the morgue… these are the theories that have been handled in just one week of the tragic event. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE EXPLANATION OF NEREA GODÍNEZ, OCTAVIO OCAÑA’S BRIDE

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