Octavio Ocaña: Nerea Godínez revealed if her son is the heir to the actor’s fortune

A youtuber viralized the supposed testament that Octavio Ocaña left “because of his something happened to him” (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

On November 29, it was one month since the death of Octavio Ocaña, a young actor who was shot in the head with a gun after being involved in a persecution with municipal police from Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico.

There have been many inconsistencies in the case, which, so far, has not been completely closed despite the fact that the Edomex Attorney General’s Office (FGJEM) assured that the interpreter of “Benito Rivers” in the series Neighbors shot himself inside his vehicle.

However, these have not been the only controversies around this process, because outside the courts, Much has been said about the private life of Ocaña. In addition to his friends and the supposed lifestyle he led, their relationship has also been the target of various accusations.

The most recent was related to an alleged will that the actor would have left before he died, in which he declared as universal heirs of his fortune Nerea Godínez, who until the last day of her life was Octavio’s fiancée, and her four-year-old son Andrés, with whom she had a very intimate relationship.

Nerea and her son would have been registered as the sole heirs of their assets and life insurance (Photo: Special)
Nerea and her son would have been registered as the sole heirs of their assets and life insurance (Photo: Special)

This rumor arose after the youtuber Dael Quiroz, host of the program ‘Arguende TV’, assured that the actor of Televisa left this document “in case something happened to him”, words that attracted a lot of attention from locals and strangers.

In addition to your possessions, Ocaña also allegedly had life insurance, which would also have been placed in the name of Nerea, the only person who could collect it. In total, Nerea’s family would get an amount close to USD 1 million.

After several days that this information went viral, Nerea herself broke the silence and gave an interview to the program First hand to reveal the veracity of this rumor.

octavio ocaña
Ocaña’s fiancee denied everything and criticized the people who believed the baseless version (Photo: Facebook / Octavio Ocaña)

According to his statement, completely ignored this version and criticized the people who believed itWell, he said, real life is not like soap operas or series in which everything is dramatized. She also explained that both she and Ocaña’s family have continued with their normal routines, as far as possible.

“The truth is, I don’t even know what that is. People live like in a novel. They think that things are like in the novels, like in the series. The truth is that this country is super bad, but no, I can tell you that my life is normal, with my company as always and my day, well normal: work, return to my house and that’s it. And his father the same with his company in Tabasco and his sister working. We’re all doing what we did when Tavo was, that is to say nothing different ”, narrated for the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infant by means of a voice memo.

Later, she categorically denied the existence of said inheritance and pointed out that she is fed up with so much gossip against her, which turns out to be a lie, especially on the issue of money and her belongings, which she obtained by her own means, contrary to rumors. who claimed that they were gifts from Octavio Ocaña.

There is no inheritance that he has left me. Of course not. I don’t know where they get so many things from. I don’t know how people believe it if they don’t even teach them with tests, but hey. Finally I can’t make everyone believe me. I stay with people who know me, which is quite a lot, and they know who I am and how I am and they will keep talking. The truth is, I’m fed up, I’m tired, this whole situation is getting more difficult every day, but practically everything they say about me is a lie: he didn’t put me in a house, nor did he put me in an apartment. The house is mine, it is rented, but it is mine, I was here before. The company has been a lifelong family. Everything I had is not even in my name. I don’t know where people get so many things from. This canyon”, He sentenced.


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