Octavio Ocaña persecution broadcast video of what happened in shooting

  • Video of Octavio Ocaña circulates that confirms the official version of a persecution
  • In his attempt to flee from the police, the actor collides with a stock van
  • Security cameras show the entire journey that the Vecinos actor made

A new video that circulates on social networks has reinforced the official version of the death of the Mexican Televisa actor and that he acted as Benito Rivers in the Neighbors series, Octavio Ocaña, as it is confirmed that the artist participated in a persecution that ended with his life after a gunshot wound to the head, according to a publication on the Aristegui Noticias news portal and the El Universal news agency.

According to a video obtained from the C4 cameras of the Cuautitlán Izcalli City Council Security Police Station, it is observed how Mexican actor Octavio Ocaña, known as “Benito Rivers” for his series in ‘Necinos’, flees from a police patrol. the municipal police from Bosques del Lago to the Chamapa-Lechería road.


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In the video that lasts 2 minutes 51 seconds, it is observed that in Morelos avenue corner Mausoleos the gray Jeep truck is captured for the first time, where the actor of the television program “Neighbors” was traveling, along with two men, his companions and those who remain under police guard while investigations are being carried out.

The 2014 truck has an open sunroof. At minute 1:04 you can see how he tries to pass several cars, at least one gray Tsuru, and in one part of the road, he even raises dust when accelerating, when he crosses José María Morelos and Fernando Márquez.
At minute 1:17 a patrol is behind the truck driven by 22-year-old Octavio.

Octavio Ocaña persecution: HOW WAS THE GUN OPERATED?

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The municipal security unit has the turret on and at 1:40 minutes it manages to pass a public transport truck, already on the Lago de Guadalupe road. At minute 2:31 it is observed that in one of the roundabouts, Octavio, who is driving the Jeep truck, is hit with a stock truck. It is the knock you see on the driver’s door on the left side, when driving on the Vienna Woods road.

Despite the impact with the stock truck, Benito, as the actor was known, does not stop and accelerate, behind is the patrol that still cannot catch up with him. Presumably, minutes later the actor is already impacted on the Chamapa – Lechería road, when, according to the version of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico and the city of Cuautitlán Izcalli, the firearm carried by the actor in his right hand was detonated , leaving a bullet wound to his chin and his right side bloody.


Benito rivers
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In turn, the journalist Carlos Jiménez, shared the version of the events on his social networks and in a verbatim way wrote: “The shot entered the right cheekbone, left the left parietal and remained on the ceiling.” The actor died of a gunshot wound to the head, inside his truck, in which he was traveling accompanied by two people, and which was stamped on the side after a pursuit by municipal policemen of Cuautitlán Izcalli, because the young man did not He wanted to stop, according to the investigation of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).

However, the circumstances of the death of the actor who as a child played “Benito Rivers” in the television series Neighbors, have raised controversy and confusion, since videos were broadcast in which municipal elements are observed surrounding the truck, check it without gloves, even inside, while the victim, with blood on his face, is still alive and moves his hand.


Octavio Ocaña persecution
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The first versions indicated that the actor from Vecinos had been the victim of an assault while he was circulating on the Chamapa-Lechería road, in Atizapán; Another was that the municipal authorities collided with the actor’s truck, prior to finding him injured, versions that were not confirmed by the FGJEM and the municipal government.

According to the versions of the prosecution authorities and the Cuautitlán Izcalli city council, it was an incident in which the actor himself detonated a weapon as a result of an error. For its part, the FGJEM reported that, according to the statement of the two companions of the young man, presented to the Public Ministry, the actor was traveling in a state of drunkenness in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli when municipal police stopped them, as he was driving erratically; however, he sped up and tried to flee.


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The institution pointed out that according to the versions of the two men who traveled with him, the Vecinos actor carried in the glove compartment of the gray Jeep truck a 380 caliber weapon that he took out during his escape and that detonated when he cut the cartridge, leaving a shot in the unit canopy. Right away, on the Chamapa-Lechería road, Octavio Ocaña crashed into a mound, at which point the gun in his hand detonated, injuring him in the head.

Regarding the events, the Cuautitlán Izcalli police said through a statement that they received a report that people with a weapon were traveling aboard a gray Jeep-type truck, a unit that they identified through the C4 cameras.
When a patrol stopped him, the driver, Octavio, accelerated to flee, leading to a chase until he reached the highway, where finally the actor crashed and was found with a firearm in his hand, as well as a bullet in the head. that entered through the chin; however, he was still alive. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Chase


Benito rivers
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Immediately, the police said, the support of the Civil Protection emergency units was requested, who provided first aid to the Vecinos actor and transferred him to the Lomas Verdes hospital, where he later died. The city council pointed out that the actor’s companions were transferred and made available to the Public Ministry, where an investigation folder was started to define responsibilities, where they remained until the last hours of Saturday.

While the communiqués and versions of the authority were being prepared, several videos were disseminated on social networks about the incident, which contributed to speculation and criticism of the police action in the case. One shows a municipal policeman without gloves and without preserving the scene; He enters the truck and interacts with the actor, his right hand is bloody and part of his head is covered by a cap. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Chase

Octavio Ocaña persecution: WHAT DID THEY DID TO THE DETAINEES?

Octavio Ocaña persecution
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A man is seen outside, threatened by another municipal policeman, with handcuffs on and one leg immobilized. The patrol has a blow to the chest on the right side and there are other troops flagging the area. A second video shows the chase recorded by the C4 cameras, identifying Octavio’s erratic driving at high speed.

It is possible to see how the truck accelerates, tries to win the way to several public transport units and crashes against a value truck; increases speed, and even crashes with other units and objects. The video begins in Bosques del Lago, where the house of the Vecinos actor is allegedly located, and ends in Atizapán, although it is not possible to see the moment of impact of the vehicle.


Octavio Ocaña Pursuit
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“They took part of my life from me,” were the first statements by Octavio Pérez, father of actor Octavio Ocaña, who arrived at the Gayosso funeral home in Santa Mónica at noon to be next to his son who died yesterday afternoon. in the vicinity of Cuautitlán Izcalli. Mr. Octavio Pérez explained that this tragedy caught him off guard, since he was not in Mexico City and as soon as he arrived he went to the funeral home to see the conditions in which his son was.

“I just arrived, all I wanted was to see my son, I already saw him and the only thing I ask of you is respect for him, because people loved him and I want him to keep that image, he was a great person, an actor that he won over the public since he was a child, ”said his father, who recalled that it was precisely he who had taken him to the casting calls since he was five years old. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Chase


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On the information that goes around in social networks, where they say that Octavio carried a weapon and his death occurred in the middle of a persecution with the municipal police of Cuautitlán Izcalli; Octavio Pérez pointed out that at this moment he prefers not to get hooked on this, but that people know exactly what kind of man Octavio was.

“Right now what matters to me is taking my son, I’m going to bury him in Tabasco, I’m coming for him to take him away and that’s all I want.” About what he thought of Octavio’s two companions, who are currently in detention and are crucial witnesses to clarify the death of the interpreter of Benito Rivers, Octavio Pérez was blunt. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Chase


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“Nothing to see, they came with him, they are my friends and they took care of him, they were just doing other things and you know how crime is, because when they weren’t taking care of him they were other people, my people.” He also assured that there were no problems between Octavio and his fiancee Nerea Godínez, stating that it was the best thing that could have happened in his son’s life and that they were ready to marry, and since she was not a public figure, she would avoid giving statements.

When questioned about the possibility that taking Octavio’s body to Tabasco could hinder the investigations, the actor’s father said he did not care, because in the end the authorities would not do anything and there would be no justice. “Everything I leave to God … as always we are full of violence, by police, by corrupt and by mother and a half.” The arrival of any famous or fellow actor has not been seen. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Chase