Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked the father of the actor from Vecinos

  • Actor Octavio Ocaña’s father reveals that the police made fun of how his son died
  • He assures that the agents laughed at the actor of the series ‘Neighbors’
  • It also surprises with a statement about omissions in medical aid to the artist

A new revelation from the father of actor Octavio Ocaña, who played Benito Rivers in the famous series ‘Neighbors,’ reveals how the police made fun of the way his son died, a situation that has caused outrage on social networks, since the family maintains that their son was killed by the agents who were pursuing him, according to information published on the Grupo Fórmula news portal.

It was through an interview that he offered to the journalist José Cárdenas that Mr. Octavio Pérez accused the municipal agents of Cuautitlán Izcalli of killing his son and also revealed that they laughed at the actor for the way he died, for which he demands justice and warns that he will not remain with his arms crossed and that they messed with the wrong person.


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In a verbatim way, the man reiterated that he does not believe in the version given by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico and explained: “Of course not, I honestly do not agree and what I want is justice for my son, because It is the daily bread of all dads. I am speaking as a spokesperson for all parents who have lost a child in this way. Now we even have to take care of the police, no longer of thieves or kidnappers ”.

Even the lord goes further and has described what, according to him, is the way in which his son was murdered. He says that the agents chased him until he crashed and that there is even evidence to support him: “My son was killed by the police, there is no way around. There are four or five bullet holes. There is a person who was chasing him and takes out the body and begins to shoot him. My son loses control, crashes and at that moment they go and shoot him in the head. That’s how it was ”.

Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked: COULD THE POLICE SAVE YOU?

Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked the father of the actor from Vecinos
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Faced with such assertions, the father of the ‘Vecinos’ actor does not back down in his statements and maintains what he says: “The Cuautitlán Izcalli policemen are cynical (…) they still get on the federal highway, they still dare to see him how my son bleeds out. (…) My son was still alive, he was alive, he could have arrived (at the hospital) and they allowed him to bleed out and die. While they make their joke, they laugh at how my son is dying, ”he shared.

But the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, far from coming into conflict with the family, has decided to inform that it will have all the willingness to cooperate with the information and said that the investigation file is open and at the family’s disposal. If the family has doubts about the expert reports or the actions of the police, they can review the folder, the prosecution reiterated.


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In an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo, Octavio Pérez, father of the ‘Vecinos’ actor, said about the police: “They are people who are not prepared for that, they must be town police, not federal, if they are federal they would bring a patrol of the National Guard, they are not prepared for this, they are inept, ignorant people ”, published the AM news portal.

Also in the program “From First Hand”, the father questioned the role of the police in the persecution and was asked who killed him? To which he replied: “In a frontal way the police, it is clear, clear as water, obviously and I am very indignant, what I want is justice, they planted everything,” he sentenced very energetically for the departure of his son. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked


Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked

However, Father Octavio Pérez issued a warning to the police, with whom he has a conflict over the official version, which he does not believe. For this reason, the father of the actor of ‘Neighbors’, did not hesitate to point out the police as the culprit of the death of his son and threatened not to leave anyone until he managed to clarify the case and in a verbatim way said how he will do it.

“They messed with the wrong person, I am not just anyone and they will pay dearly, from top to bottom whoever falls.” He even detailed what happened in the chase: “My son came with the windows down, with music, totally showing his face, they knew who he was, they started to chase him, they knew it was a kid who was driving, not a criminal.” Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked

Octavio Ocaña, the police mocked: DID THE AMBULANCE TAKE A LONG TO ARRIVE?

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The official report indicates that the ambulance with paramedics who treated the ‘Neighbors’ actor, Octavio Ocaña, after crashing his truck and receiving a bullet impact in the head on Friday, October 29, would have taken 13 minutes to reach the scene of the accident. and 15 more minutes in the transfer to the hospital, revealed sources close to the investigation.

After the video went viral where the agony of the actor, known for his character of “Benito”, and police officers from Cuautitlán Izcalli subduing one of his companions was observed, while another officer entered through the passenger door, presumably after the moment they disarmed the 22-year-old. At the same time that another element opened the rear door of the Jeep Gran Cherokee type truck, it made many wonder why no one was attending or requesting the presence of paramedics.


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Sources close to the investigation reported that one of the two policemen who participated in the pursuit took the pulse of the injured young man after reaching the truck that had just crashed. The alert call, requesting medical attention, was made at 4:47 p.m. on Friday, October 29, the ambulance arrived 13 minutes later, at five in the afternoon, at the Chamapa-Lechería highway, in the area of ​​the colony Prados Iztacala in Atizapán de Zaragoza, the source said.

Paramedics gave first aid to the 22-year-old and transferred him to the Lomas Verdes Traumatology Hospital of the IMSS, where it transpired that the actor arrived at 5:15 p.m. on Friday, October 29, under the so-called “black code” , that is to say, dead, according to local sources consulted. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked

Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked: ALTAR OF THE DEAD ALREADY HAS A NEW ‘NEIGHBOR’

Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked
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The death of the young artist occurred days before the celebration of the Day of the Dead, therefore the virtual offering of the program “Neighbors” added him as a new member, the smiling “Benito Rivers.” On the altar, where the memory of those who are no longer present is venerated, the photograph of Ocaña is observed, along with that of Polo Ortín, who played Don Roque, that of Yolanda Martínez, who played Doña Jovita, and that of Sammy Pérez, who also participated. “Today we remember those who are gone, but live in our hearts,” the post on Instagram reads. “I had no idea how to act,” Ocaña confessed when asked how his first day on the “Neighbors” series was like. In a video shared by Lalo España, Octavio recalled that when he was a child he was very hyperactive, which caused him to drop a camera on one occasion when he was playing soccer in the forum and the recordings had to stop for four hours.


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For Octavio, “Neighbors” was a second family, a very nice project in which he felt very comfortable with his colleagues. “It has been very great to date, in these 15 years very beautiful”, I confess in the video that Spain posted on his Instagtram account. “XVI years being our Benito, Octavio Ocaña remembering the anecdotes in the #neighbors forum”.

Then the surprise death of Octavio Ocaña, who died after receiving a shot in the head while driving aboard his truck in Cuautitlán Izcalli, his colleagues and colleagues in the “Neighbors” program expressed their pain for the irreparable loss. One of the first to express his condolences to the actor’s family was Lalo Spain.
“We are undone. I can’t sleep, I can’t stop crying and shaking. RIP Octavio Ocaña, our beloved Benito in #Neighbors My condolences to his parents and sisters. A big hug full of love. Thank you for so many laughs and for sharing your angel ”.


Octavio Ocaña policemen mocked
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Dario Ripoll, Ana Bertha Espin, Pablo Valentín and Mayrin Villanueva were also shocked by what happened. For its part, the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico announced this Sunday that it will investigate the case for the alleged human rights violations against Octavio Ocaña, an actor who participated in the ‘Neighbors’ series.

The events occurred last Friday in the city of Cuautitlán Izcalli when a police van asked Ocaña to stop his vehicle and a police chase was unleashed that ended with the actor’s car, who was traveling with two other companions, crashed into a wall. According to the State Prosecutor’s Office, the actor died from a shot in the head from a weapon that was inside the vehicle and that was detonated during the persecution in still unclear circumstances. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked


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The romance between “Liz” and “Benito” in the television series “Neighbors” will also be without a happy ending, after the death of actor Octavio Ocaña, who was preparing to record seasons 12 and 13 on November 16. The last appearance of “Benito” in the series was when he tried to take the next step in his love affair with “Liz” and the couple decided to live together, a decision not approved by his father Frankie Rivers (César Bono), but still thus his mother Lorena de Rivers (Ana Bertha Espín) supports him and allows them both to live in her apartment.

The comedy was created in 2004 by Eugenio Derbez, and is based on the original Spanish series “Aqui No Hay Quien Viva”, by Alberto Caballero and Laura Caballero. It was in 2017 when the fourth season directed and produced by Elías Solorio was confirmed, who will now have to make changes to the story to give continuity to the lives of the characters that have accompanied several generations. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked


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Throughout eleven seasons the series has only had one casualty, that of actor Polo Ortín, who died in 2017 due to a heart attack at 88 years of age. César Bono chose Octavio Ocaña to play Benito in the series “Neighbors.” Octavio Ocaña was better known as “Benito” for the character he played from an early age in the series “Neighbors.”

In June, Octavio Ocaña offered an interview in which he said that César Bono was the one who chose him to play “Benito”. “César Bono and Solorio told me that they had already chosen me for the last test, but I auditioned with two more children. César had a friend named Octavio just died and he asked me to be with him because we were noses and he reminded him of his friend, ”he says with a broken voice. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked


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Bono would become his fictional father for several years in the role of Frankie Rivers, a frustrated actor who wants his son Benito to have the success he did not have, but his son refuses. Precisely, the phrase “I don’t want to be an actor!” Was the one made famous by a little redhead.

That is why the actor won the affection not only of the public but of his co-workers, for his talents, simplicity, charisma and respect for others. Today the family seeks that their reputation and image are not stained, so they will go against the police, according to what was stated by the father, who is the one who has stood up for the actor. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Cops Mocked