Octavio Ocaña: They filter video of the actor firing a gun

In the video, “Benito” is shown firing a firearm.

Photo: Facebook / Courtesy

“Benito”, as the actor Octavio Ocaña was known for his role in the series “Neighbors”, became a topic of conversation again after a new social media leaked video where the young man appears firing a firearm into the air.

The video caused outrage among users of social networks as they consider that They are trying to discredit the image of Octavio Ocaña, although a few days ago they also leaked a video where the actor appears snorting a line of white powder that is found on a cell phone, which is presumably cocaine.

In this new video you can see the young 22-year-old actor, loading and detonating a pistol; Octavio Ocaña is surrounded by other people who apparently incite him to shoot into the air.

Moments later, he takes several shots into the air, and then adjusts the pistol again and starts firing; Something that caught the attention of social media users is that the actor manipulates and operates the firearm with his right hand, despite the fact that it transpired that the young actor was left-handed.

It should be remembered that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJM) concluded that the bullet that killed actor Octavio Ocaña was fired by himself from inside the vehicle when he was being chased by police on Friday afternoon.

According to the toxicological report of said dependence, the actor Octavio Ocaña had a positive record for alcohol above what is allowed to drive in addition to testing positive for a substance called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) “above the cut-off point” at the time of his death.

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