Octavio Ocaña: this is how his sister and Nerea Godínez remembered him two months after his death

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Bertha Ocana Y Nerea Godinez shared a moving message on their social networks where they remembered, with deep sadness, Octavio Ocana. The sister of the deceased actor took advantage of the space and the occasion to make a call for justice, since until now the investigation continues in process.

This December 29 marks two months since the unfortunate events where the actor, who for years played “Benito rivers” in Neighbors, died of a gunshot to the head after he was involved in a police chase in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico. To this day, the family continues to fight to clarify what happened through a legal representative.

During the morning of this Wednesday, Bertha Ocaña published on her Instagram profile a photograph of her deceased brother; In the image you can see Octavio in the water wearing a life jacket. Along with the postcard, the actor’s bloodline wrote a long and moving message where he dedicated some heartfelt words.

(Capture: @ berthaocaa / Instagram)
(Capture: @ berthaocaa / Instagram)

My king today, 2 months after your departure, you know that a part of my being also died with you, my little brother the happiest, the most handsome, the coolest. I wish there was a medicine for the soul, but today the best medicine is to see our photos and remember every moment lived by your side“, started.

Bertha Ocaña made it known that she was always very proud of her brother and highlighted his unique charisma with which she also stole the hearts of the Mexican public, since Octavio was part of the comedy series from when he was a child until he was 22 years old. that he had when he died, so in a way viewers saw him grow up.

Surely you came to heaven to sing your band music, to dance and to celebrate eternal life… just as you celebrated your earthly life, it takes me a lot of work to write all this and remember you like that without my eyes filling with tears and with the pain of your departure a thousand, “he continued.

The new lawyer in the Ocaña case assured that there is still hope (Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocanaa)

In the end, Bertha Ocaña acknowledged that these last months of the year have been very difficult for the family, because at all times they have mixed feelings, because on the one hand they remember the actor with great love while on the other they keep in constant struggle to treat to clarify the origin of the shot that ended Octavio’s life.

“I hope that life reaches us to understand why you had to go ahead and that this pain hides in some corner of the heart and there it stays why it will never leave we have it very clear, we love you and we remember you every second of our life”, He concluded.

In a previous publication, Bertha Ocaña demanded justice for her brother through the words she wrote in the sand: “We swear justice to you and you will have it”, You can read in his post.

(Capture: @ nerea.gogo / Instagram)
(Capture: @ nerea.gogo / Instagram)

Meanwhile, Octavio Ocaña’s ex-fiancee also shared a message on her Instagram profile along with some photos she took during her recent visit to the actor’s grave. Nerea Godínez acknowledged that she continues to struggle with her departure and, in a certain way, is in a process of denial.

“There are days when I still don’t believe it, I continue to deny your departure and I do not know if one day I can understand and calm a little this intense pain that you left in meIn all of them, you should be here in your beautiful Tabasco with us, that was the plan ”, he published, with which Nerea regretted the absence of whoever was her partner.


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