Octavio Ocaña wedding dress fiancee marriage actor neighbors

  • They spread a photo of the wedding dress of Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée
  • In June of this year, they reported their marriage engagement on social media.
  • However, the question remains if the dress is that she would wear at her wedding

After the death of the Televisa actor, Octavio Ocaña, an image of the bride Nerea Godínez wearing a white dress has been released, however, it is unknown if it is the one she was going to wear at her wedding with the interpreter of ‘Benito Rivers’ in the series of ‘Neighbors’, since the date of the union between the two was not known, according to a publication on their Instagram account.

Everything seems to indicate that it is a photographic session, since the date on which they asked for marriage does not coincide with the one that comes out dressed as a bride. As is well known, she and the ‘Necinos’ actor had already planned to get married, so in June of this year, she gave him the ring and to show her happiness, Nerea Godínez published a series of photographs on her Instagram account .


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As will be recalled, the Televisa actor died of a bullet in the head after a chase with the police, and although the authorities have already given their official version, on social networks, friends, family, colleagues and users doubt how the events happened , since the prosecution assures that the young man was drunk and had also consumed marijuana.

For now, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend does not stop publishing and expressing her sadness with photos, messages and statements in which she demands justice. Along with the claims of justice, those of her father and her sisters stand out, who do not give credit to what happened, although there is already an official version of the events, for now we show you how Nerea Godínez looked in a wedding dress.

Octavio Ocaña wedding dress: WHEN WOULD THE WEDDING BE?

Nerea Godinez
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It was precisely on June 24 of this year that they uploaded some photos of their engagement to their Instagram accounts. It is seen that both appear in a restaurant and she shows off her engagement ring with a post that says “I love you You and Me”, this generated many views with thousands of people who added to her happiness for what would be her next union .

In another photo, she shows off her ring that was in a red heart box, for which she received many congratulations. However, until shortly before his death, an exact date on the wedding was not known, although it is presumed that it would be soon, however, unfortunately they cut off that dream for her and him, of being able to join in marriage.


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But the photograph that caused a lot of expectation is where Nerea Godínez appears in a wedding dress, however, it was not the one she was going to use, since it was only a photo session, but at least people could already get an idea of ​​how She would be seen in her wedding outfit, which generated a lot of sadness and anger in the people who left their messages in the publication.

The young woman published the following: “An almost happy wife make up by @silemakeupartist @silemarquez @julymakeupstudio @themakeuph” and immediately received the question that everyone expected “When will the mess?” Some more commented: “I want one exactly the same for my wedding. Do you know where I can find it?” And “the most beautiful one”. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Wedding Dress


Benito rivers
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Some people even began to have very strange ideas about the death of the actor and that they had to do with his wedding: “I feel that the police wanted to interrupt your beautiful wedding, but they stopped seeing … they did not have to kill him”, “as what I’m really sorry ”,“ Benito made us smile so many times in such hard times ”,“ the children we never had live on Saturn ”.

In other photographs, Nerea Godínez, the girlfriend of the actor from Vecinos, shows off her ring and all her followers congratulated her: “Make Beni happy and may Beni make you very happy, greetings”, “Sure, the rich humiliating the poor “,” Congratulations “,” conceited “, even the same actor wrote” I love you very much “and she responded in the same way, making clear the great love they had. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Wedding Dress


Octavio Ocaña wedding dress
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A week before he died, Octavio Ocaña de Vecinos was having fun with his partner and her son in the Alameda Central in Mexico City. The actor who gave life to the character “Benito” from the series “Neighbors”, died of a gunshot wound to the head after a police chase in Cuautitlán Izcalli.

After his death, his partner Nerea Godinez shared his feelings on social networks.
“I cried because your voice is not in the house, I laughed because you loved me with all your being, it is a mixture that grabs my soul and breaks every corner of my being … You leave me dead in life.” Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Wedding Dress

Octavio Ocaña wedding dress: WHAT DID YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME?

PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

Days before the sudden death of the Vecinos actor, Nerea Godinez shared some photos in which she appears with her son and Octavio Ocaña on an afternoon in the Alameda Central in Mexico City. After the death of the actor, Nerea returned to dedicate a letter to him with a picture of his afternoon at the Alameda.

“I would like to find the correct way to explain to our Child your absence, the lack that you will make in our day to day, that his ‘papa tavo’ is not going to return home, perhaps he still does not understand the meaning of what happened, he just won’t see you ever again, and that makes my shattered heart break even more. ” He will be buried on Monday.

Octavio Ocaña wedding dress: WHAT WILL THE FAMILY DO THIS MONDAY?

Nerea Godinez
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The family of the actor from Vecinos, Octavio Ocaña released a statement in which he gives more details about the funeral that will take place in Tabasco. In the first lines of the statement, the family of Octavio Ocaña appreciates the support they have received after the sudden death of the actor.

“Dear all, as Octavio Ocaña’s family, we recognize that as a public figure this pain crossed borders, we accept and appreciate wanting to accompany us through this great duel. The last goodbye to his body will be in the city of Villahermosa Tabasco, from where he and his family we are original ”.


Octavio Ocaña wedding dress
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Also, it is reported that “the last goodbye to his body” will be in the city of Villahermosa Tabasco “where he and his family are originally from this will take place starting today 10/31/2021 at the Memorial Enclosure in the Sala 3 which will be available from 4:00 pm ”.

The family indicates in the statement that the coffin with the body of Octavio Ocaña will arrive in Villa Hermosa tonight and that he will be buried tomorrow. “They planted the gun and alcohol on my son,” said Octavio Ocaña’s father. The actor’s father, Octavio Pérez, told the media that his son was planted with a gun and alcohol.


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“Do not ask me about weapons because that does not exist, those are things that they invented, of course it was something planted, it had someone to take care of it and they are the ones who bring weapons. I am devastated and this goes to all parents who have lost a child like me, our children are exposed by this policy that we have and by that police, who are corrupt, because that is what happened to my son, “Octavio said angrily Pérez, also denying that there had been alcohol or drugs.

The 22-year-old actor Octavio Ocaña died of a gunshot wound to the head, inside his truck, in which he was traveling accompanied by two people, and which was stamped on the side after a police chase Municipalities of Cuautitlán Izcalli, because the young man did not want to stop, according to the investigation of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM). Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Wedding Dress


Octavio Ocaña wedding dress
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However, the circumstances of the death of the actor who as a child played “Benito Rivers” in the television series “Neighbors”, have raised controversy and confusion, since videos were broadcast in which municipal elements are observed surrounding the city. truck, check it without gloves, even inside, while the victim, with blood on his face, is still alive and moves his hand.

The first versions indicated that he had been the victim of an assault while he was circulating on the Chamapa-Lechería road, in Atizapán; Another was that the municipalities collided with the actor’s truck, prior to finding him injured, versions that were not confirmed by the FGJEM and the municipal government. According to the versions of the prosecution authorities and the Cuautitlán Izcalli city council, it was an incident in which the actor himself detonated a weapon as a result of an error. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Wedding Dress