Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée Nerea Godínez introduces her new boyfriend, Diego Alejandre

Nerea Godínez announces new love Diego Alejandre on Instagram, sparking reactions and a cryptic message from Octavio Ocaña's sister, Bertha.

The tragic passing of the ‘Vecinos’ series actor, Octavio Ocaña, at 22 in October 2021, deeply affected those close to him. Nerea Godínez, his fiancée, was among them, who once described him as the ‘love of her life.’ Their engagement had occurred just months before his untimely death, with Octavio proposing amid a maze.

Overcome with emotion, Nerea had tearfully accepted, saying, “Forever yes,” never anticipating their dreams being abruptly cut short.

Following the heartbreak, Nerea leaned on her son and close family and friends for support. But as time passed, she began to open her heart again. Almost two years after Octavio’s death, she introduced the world to her new boyfriend, Diego Alejandre, through her official Instagram account.

Interestingly, while Nerea went public with the relationship, Diego first shared their photos as a couple on his private profile. The couple looked radiant, laughing and embracing each other. Diego captioned one such photo with, “Es que… estás guapísima”, accompanied by heart emojis.

Not much is known about Diego, but from his social media activity, he has a passion for sports, particularly soccer and American football. He’s also an avid traveler, often posting pictures from various destinations worldwide. Diego’s posts reveal a sense of contentment with his relationship with Nerea.

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Nerea Godínez and Diego Alejandre/Instagram
Nerea Godínez and Diego Alejandre/Instagram

He frequently shares stories of their time, even thanking her for a recent gift that inadvertently made their relationship public, leading to mixed reactions from fans.

However, the unveiling of this new relationship was not without controversy. Aside from fans, one particularly pointed response came from a somewhat unexpected source: Octavio Ocaña’s sister, Bertha. While she didn’t directly mention Nerea, Bertha’s cryptic message was interpreted by many as a jab at her former sister-in-law.

She wrote, “Every action reacts. However, many things should be kept private because I don’t know what they want to hear from me or what they want me to explain about a topic I’m not interested in discussing. After all, I have nothing bad to talk about anyone.”

The underlying tension hints at the complexities of navigating grief and moving forward, a journey that is deeply personal and unique to each individual.