Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend breaks the silence but they criticize her (VIDEO)

  • Nerea Godínez, fiancee of the famous actor gave her first statements
  • Revealed ‘attacks’ against her
  • The criticism has not stopped since the terrible news

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend breaks the silence but they criticize her. Nerea Godínez, girlfriend of “Benito” played by the young Mexican comedian Octavio Ocaña in the Televisa series “Vecinos” gave her first statements to the press after the brutal murder but it turns out ‘bad’ and they criticize her.

Godínez, was interviewed by various media this Sunday, two days after the death of the beloved Mexican actor. “I mark many hearts, people love him very much, they have written to me from Colombia, from Nicaragua, they are saturating me right now,” said the visibly affected woman but without a tear.

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend “Benito” breaks the silence and reveals what he has been suffering

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With a mask and with several people, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend broke the silence and revealed what she has been suffering after the painful loss. In addition, visibly affected, the sisters of the actor Octavio Ocaña organized the moment of the final farewell, which was attended by close relatives and some fans who surrounded the float that was transporting him, says Agencia Reforma.

Between applause and cheers, the body of Octavio Ocaña was fired as he left the funeral home where he had been awake since Saturday. In a silver coffin and with a red blanket, the actor was transported to the float that takes him to Villahermosa, Tabasco, where he will be buried, by decision of the family, reveals Agencia Reforma.

Octavio Ocaña’s body is transferred to his homeland to be buried and his girlfriend breaks the silence

Octavio Ocaña's body is transferred to his homeland to be buried and his girlfriend breaks the silence
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“The body goes to Villahermosa, Tabasco where Octavio is from, as a family we decided that it should be so, that his body be buried there, but his heart and spirit remain in each person who loved him and has shown us his affection through social networks and physically ”, affirmed his sister Ana Ocaña in an interview.

“As the producer Elías Solorio said, he became immortal, that’s Octavio Caña, he is immortal from this moment on and he will be in every heart thanks to all of Mexico and those who are outside for all the love, affection and respect. “Said the sister, according to Agencia Reforma. After this, Nerea Godínez gave her statements.

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend “Benito” assures that they are attacking her

Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend
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“Many attack me, I am not interested in what they tell me, I know what I felt, we knew what we had and then now,” he revealed to a crowd of reporters from various media. The statements were published on YouTube on the channel “Carlo Uriel – Espectáculos”.

In the video of just under a minute, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend “Benito” assured that he would go to Tabasco, where the young comedian was born and where he will be buried. Octavio Ocaña’s also fiancée revealed the relationship she had with “Benito’s” family after various criticisms she has received. “Everyone knows their pain”, “he looks very indifferent”, “he looks very calm” were some of the comments.

“Clearly it is no longer going to take place”, breaks the silence about her wedding with the actor

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They asked him about the parents of Octavio Ocaña and Nerea Godínez revealed: “I got very close to them, and to all of their family.” After this, she was questioned about her plans for next year, which, according to what has been revealed, would contemplate the wedding of the loving couple.

“Clearly it is no longer going to take place, but here we continue to tell it,” he replied to the reporter who questioned him about the wedding with Octavio Ocaña that would take place next year. Godínez was clearly tired, so she told reporters “and please if I go out right now, give me a ‘chance'”, as a sign of not wanting to answer any more questions.

Does he finally talk about what caused the death of “Benito”?

Do you finally talk about what caused the death of
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In addition, she was asked about the various doubts and mystery that has surrounded the death of her fiancé. A reporter questioned him about the versions and his contradictions with the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office that is in charge of the investigation of the attack and persecution of the young comedian.

“Right now I can’t say anything about that, because nobody knows,” was the only thing Nerea Godínez said about it. For her part, “Benito’s” sister gave more statements about the tragic death of the Televisa actor. “Octavio is going to the eternal path and there we are going to meet again if God allows it,” added Ana Ocaña.

Octavio Ocaña’s family reveals what they will do after the actor’s funeral

Octavio Ocaña's family reveals what they will do after the actor's funeral
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The young women did not want to comment on the versions that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico has given about the death of their brother, however, they will demand justice from the corresponding authorities, revealed Agenciar Reforma. “At the moment we don’t want to get too hooked on this topic,” said another sister of Octavio.

“Of course it was a case of injustice. We are going to reach the last consequences and we are going to ask for justice, it is something that we want to thank the people because they are already asking for it, we as a family, for now the priority is to give Octavio’s body rest ”, added the sister.

They assure that the girlfriend of Octavio Ocaña “Benito” will use the engagement ring for a long time

They assure that Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend

The actor’s sister revealed that first they would be in charge of burying him and “that he is already resting in peace and then we are in charge of asking for justice. Unfortunately we live in a country where justice does not exist and, apparently, it will never exist ”, assured Bertha Ocaña.

“We need more of God and much less of us, human beings so that there is no violence and injustice,” completed Ana, according to Agencia Reforma. On the other hand, Nerea Godínez, who was about to marry Ocaña, regretted the unfortunate outcome and will wear the engagement ring for a long time.

“Benito’s” girlfriend reveals what she wants to be calm

The girlfriend of

“They took it from me, I just hope that there is justice, that the truth comes out and with that I would be very calm,” he said, according to Agencia Reforma. The actor Octavio Ocaña started on the film and television sets from an early age, at the age of 16 he had a career that spanned soap operas, cinema and unit programs.

Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña better known as “Benito” for his iconic role in the Televisa series “Necinos” was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco on November 7, 1998, from a young age he ventured into television programs with his two sisters Bertha and Ana At just five years old he became “Benito Rivers”. TO SEE THE BRIDE’S STATEMENT CLICK HERE.

He returned to the iconic show after they pulled it out?

He returned to the iconic show after they pulled it out?
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The cute red-haired boy from the series Neighbors, whose parents were Frankie Rivers (César Bono and Lorena Ruiz (Ana Bertha Espín). Neighbors was the series that opened the doors to him and after three seasons a change in the script was notified in the that Benito, his character left the scene, although in the plot the other characters continued to refer.

After the sets, what transpired is that Ocaña and his parents had decided that he should continue with his studies and pursue a dream: soccer. Automotive mechanical engineering was the career he studied and after graduating Octavio decided to return to the small screen for the premiere of the tenth season of the program that saw him grow: Neighbors, says Agencia Reforma.

Not everything was ‘Neighbors’

Not everything was 'Neighbors'
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Although Benito was the character that made him famous, he also participated in other Unitarians such as La Familia P. Luche, Hermanos y Detectives along with Julio Bracho and Adrián Uribe. And in soap operas like Lóla. Once upon a time, La Mexicana and El Güero, I give you my life, according to Agencia Reforma.

And in cinema he participated in Amor Letra por Letra, with Silvia Navarro. In the sports field, the actor always boasted his love for football and for the Cruz Azul team and personally he had been engaged for five months, with Nerea Godínez, with whom he had been dating for years, and who broke the silence about his death this Sunday .