Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend explodes and deletes his Instagram account after attacks

The fiancee of Octavio Ocana, Nerea Godínez, has tried to keep the actor’s fans informed after his death, but they have not received it in the best way, as he had to delete his Instagram account after he received several attacks from social network users, who They claimed that she was only taking advantage of the death of her boyfriend to become famous.

But this was not all for Nerea, as there were even some fans who linked her to the accident in which the protagonist of “Nerea” lost his life.

The fiancée of the comedian who gave life to “Benito Rivers” in the hit Televisa series has gained popularity in recent days, due to the fact that she has begun to share details of the famous’s private life. The young woman uploaded some photos and videos of what Octavio was like as a boyfriend, as a son and a father, as we must remember that the interpreter’s girlfriend already has a little one.

However, just as there are many people who support her and send her messages of encouragement to overcome her loss, there are other users who have started to criticize her harshly for constantly sharing personal information about Ocaña, and argue that she only wants fame.

After three weeks of the death of Octavio Ocaña, which occurred on October 29, Nerea Godínez made the surprising decision to delete her Instagram account, something that caught the attention of the many followers she had acquired in recent days.

Some days ago, Nerea replied to the comments that attacked her and announced that she would delete her social networks, Nevertheless, The young woman continued to publish images and videos of the actor who gave life to “Benito Rivers”, such as, for example, the one he revealed a few days ago where the television star is asking for his hand; Even hours before, she had uploaded a photo showing Bertha and Octavio Pérez, sister and father of her late fiancé.

“I can’t stand it anymore. I know that I have to ignore all these types of people, many people have told me, but I can no longer and much less I can stay quiet, then I will stop uploading things for a while and going out in the press and all because I can not anymore”the young woman said in that video.

Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée has received the support of the actor’s family, who have come to his defense and have indicated that he was not an exploited person. Even Bertha, the comedian’s sister, has declared that they will help him even though the young interpreter is gone.

The family are not the only ones who have come out to intercede before these attacks on the young woman, also some fans of “Benito” have made accounts to ask that they stop the “hate” against him and that they let her live her duel as she did. convenient.

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