Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend publishes an unpublished video of the actor

Through her social networks, Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, it was necessary to delete their social networks, but after almost a month of absence, which we detail in AmericanPost.News, returned and is very active, showing unpublished videos and images of the actor in his love life.

The description of the video that he published on his social networks, unleashed a lot of tenderness among fans of Benito Rivers, a character for which the 22-year-old actor became nationally famous.

A few days ago it also became a trend because Octavio’s fiancee reappeared dressed as a wedding and clarified that she was only a makeup model and decided to share the moment on her social networks.

Unpublished video of Octavio Ocaña

The young woman has shared several moments with the actor that were secrets Nerea had been engaged to Octavio in June of this year

The 25-year-old showed two videos of the beloved actor; In the first one, he was seen wearing a Cruz Azul shirt while he danced and invited Nerea to dance with him, but she refused, because she doesn’t know.

“He wanted me to stop and dance with ñe, (for those who don’t know me I can’t dance haha)”.

In the second, he seems to be distracted while she records it and when he realizes that he is the center of the camera, he decides to kiss the girl on the temple and play with her while she smiles.

“I LOVE YOU FOREVER, DADDY,” he wrote in the last images he shared with the actor.

The case is still very present for Mexicans, as the Pérez Ocaña family presented new legal representatives, in addition to evidence that would prove that the young man was murdered and this would also clean up Nerea’s image.

How old is Nerea, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend?

Nerea had gotten engaged to Octavio in June of this year

The young woman is 25 years old, although it is said that she is 22 years old, but it was always known that she was a few years older than her fiancé. Likewise, many details of his private life are unknown, in addition to that of his son.

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend has felt the spirit of the actor, since since his death, he affirmed that he has had certain unusual experiences and that makes her feel that it is him.

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