Odalys Ramírez complains about her salary as a driver

Odalys Ramírez complains about her salary as a driver

Apparently glamor and fame is not all that certain figures are interested in, such as the driver Odalys Ramirez, who in social networks revealed that despite the fact that brands consent her a lot, as well as in each project to which she belongs, apparently she is not so happy with what she perceives in economic terms.

“It varies, sometimes they pay us by payroll and when they are projects of a certain duration they pay you only by project”, began to say while exercising in a gym and broadcasting on his Instagram account.

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He specified that the people of the show business did not have exorbitant salaries. “What I can tell you is that we do not earn the millionaire that people believe.”

The actress also explained that she would not be willing to get a tattoo because she is not interested, she also answered some questions regarding her recent pregnancies and how the process of raising her children has been and how she is organized with so many things:

“I wake up at 6 in the morning, I do my hair, I fix Gia for school, I accompany her to breakfast, then I change, I go to the news, I return home to have breakfast, I go to Tell me now. I finish, like at home, I take the children to their evening classes, while I exercise in the gym. Then I get home, we do the bath, dinner, sleep routine and when the children fall asleep, Pato and I watch a series together ”.

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Odalys is married to Pato Borghetti, with whom she has been together for a decade and they always tend to show their affection and love on social networks as if they continued in their first months of dating.

“Sometimes they ask us how we do to maintain a good relationship after ten years and one of the keys is that, although we have three children dating from time to time, a romantic dinner, we have to do it”.


The wife of Patricio Borghetti, presenter of “Come Joy”, has shown that in his family and in his home there are no differences.

And it should be remembered that the actor also has a son, Santino, with the Mexican actress, Grettell Valdez, who has exterminated on more than one occasion that he has shared until Christmas with the Televisa host, but despite everything it has not been uncomfortable, since she behaves very affable with her and her little son.