Offset, Cardi B’s husband, had the scare of his life while giving a lion a louse

Offset, Cardi B’s husband, had the scare of his life while giving a lion a louse

Offset, Cardi B’s husband, had the scare of his life while giving a lion a louse.

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It has never been specifically known why, but celebrities and especially rappers, as well as some athletes, have always been very attracted to them. exotic animals. It is only surpassed by that generated by expensive jewelry, sports shoes, diamonds, brand clothes and luxurious and sports cars. That largely explains why Offset, Cardi B‘s husband, wanted to get very close to a Lion and give him a louse but he ended up having one of the biggest scares of his life. All this while he was in Dubai last week.

The member of the trio Migos and rapper Offset, who just became a father for the fifth time and Cardi B for the second in mom with the recent birth of her son, she has posted on her Instagram account the tremendous scare that happened to approach a lion. Everything indicated that it is a young lionWell, it is not very big. Offset was sitting on a couch petting the lion. TO Cardi B he was not seen close and thank goodness, well Offset’s scare was great.

The lion that was near Offset he had a chain around his neck that was held by the animal’s keeper. This, in the event that an emergency occurs, the keeper could act in time and move the animal away. Offset He looked comfortable next to the feline and it seemed that the lion also corresponded to the rapper’s affections but suddenly, the lion made a movement with which he opened his mouth very close to the singer and Offset jumped which brought him to a reasonable distance from the animal.

Obviously, the memes have not stopped and the amount of comments in a mocking tone also on social networks and especially in the comments section of the account of Instagram from Offset. However, the own Cardi B’s husband he accepted that perhaps he lost his confidence a bit towards the lion. “He had nothing to do playing with that lion. I was really scaredI’m not kidding, ”he wrote in the video he shared.

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