“Oh holy Aleida de los sugar”, Aleida Núñez fans react to Bubba Saulsbury’s expensive gift

The beautiful soap opera actress Aleida Núñez celebrated her 41st birthday in the company of your loved ones. Who could not be with her on this special day, was her new sentimental partner Bubba Saul Saulsbury, but nevertheless, sent him a spectacular and expensive gift as a symbol of the love he feels for her: a flower arrangement with two thousand red roses!

The also singer originally from Lagos de Moreno, state of Jalisco, Mexico, posted a photo and a video on her Instagram account to show her thousands of followers, the fabulous birthday present she received from her boyfriend.

“Celebrating my birthday, thanks for the detail Bubba,” he said Aleida Nunez. It is worth mentioning that for the occasion, the businesswoman also wore a gold outfit with lots of glitter and a sexy neckline.

Before the gift he received, these were some of the comments from his followers on social networks: “oh saint Aleida of the sugar”, “that Bubba does have money”, “the advantages of being a millionaire”, “poor thing, she must have spent the entire fortnight on flowers, since she has no money”, “we all have jobs, we deserve a Bubba in our lives ❤️” and many more.

Who is Aleida Núñez’s boyfriend?

In a american businessman, political activist Y oil millionaire called Bubba Saul Saulsbury 51 years old.

He is originally from Odessa, Texas; The businessman in the construction and hydrocarbons branch is executive vice president of strategies for Saulsbury Industries, a company that belongs to his family.

Aleida Núñez received many congratulations from friends, family and fans.

His love relationship with Aleida became known, after the trip they made to the Middle East to receive the new year 2022. Both had a wonderful time in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (capital of the United Arab Emirates), as well as in Istanbul, Turkey. Although the actress did not share photos with him on her social networks, Bubba did on her Facebook profile.

Before various media outlets that attended his birthday party, Aleida Núñez said that they met in October of last year and they were introduced by a friend they have in common.

“We were in San Miguel de Allende and from there the truth is that we got along amazingly, he started visiting me here in Mexico, he’s from Texas. That’s where I told him about, I told him I’m going to go to Asia at the end of the year because I plan to go to these places and tells me, ‘I also have a few days off, why don’t we go together?’ And that’s where we decided to go and that’s how it was”.

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He mentioned that he was taking the relationship little by little: “we will see what is going to happen, obviously a serious relationship is intended.” He also showed his annoyance because an entertainment magazine referred to Bubba as his sugar daddy: “why do they start putting titles?, that’s ugly”.