Videos and photos: Over 100 cars involved in major freeway crash caused by extreme weather in Ohio Turnpike

A winter storm, known as a "bomb cyclone," has caused a major freeway crash involving more than 100 cars on the Ohio Turnpike, leaving at least two people with non-life-threatening injuries. State officials issued a total travel ban for high-profile vehicles due to the dangerous conditions, but it is believed that some people disregarded the warning in an effort to continue their holiday travel plans. Photos from the scene show crushed vehicles, including tractor-trailer trucks, on the icy roadway. The storm has also caused widespread power outages and flight cancellations across the United States.
  • Over 100 cars were involved in the Ohio Turnpike crash, causing at least two injuries.
  • The crash was caused by a “bomb cyclone” winter storm, leading to a travel ban for high-profile vehicles.
  • Some individuals ignored the travel ban and continued with holiday plans, resulting in the crash.

Due to extreme weather, multiple crashes occurred on the freeway, with over 100 cars involved.

The severe weather currently afflicting the United States has resulted in numerous tragedies, the latest of which is a horrific accident on a highway in Ohio involving more than 100 vehicles. The capital Columbus was hit by a rare temperature drop recently.

This large-scale crash occurred on the toll road near mile markers 118 and 106 on Friday afternoon as motorists were hitting the roads for the Christmas vacation, despite being warned about the dangers of the winter storm.

How many injured are there?

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that at least two people suffered non-life-threatening injuries, though it has yet to be determined how many people were injured in total due to the chaos at the scene.

The massive crash transpired hours after state officials issued a total travel ban for high-profile vehicles, covering the 241-mile Ohio Turnpike in response to the bomb cyclone. Even airlines had to reschedule travel due to the storm.

Citizens wanted to travel at all costs

Citizens wanted to travel at all costs

The travel ban went into effect at 6 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 23, and will remain in effect until 8 a.m. on Sunday. It is believed that people traveling on the highway were those affected by the flight cancellations and rescheduling caused by the bomb cyclone.

According to The US Sun, all tow trailers, motor homes, boats, and high-profile enclosed trailers were banned from the toll road due to the high winds and snowy conditions throughout the Midwest. All mobile homes, office trailers, and livestock trailers were also banned.

Multiple crashes caused by extreme weather: horrible images

Multiple crash extreme weather: Horrible images

A Twitter user with the username MIKEWALDRON115 shared photos on the platform, showing images of the crash, including a pickup truck on top of other cars. Snowfall has not subsided since the winter storm was forecast.

Officials have begun closing the eastbound lane of the toll road by Exit 91 and will divert traffic from there. Photos from the scene show several vehicles, including tractor-trailer trucks, crushed together on the icy roadway.

Multiple Shock Extreme Weather: The Bomb Cyclone Hitting the United States

Multiple Shock Extreme Weather: The Bomb Cyclone Hitting the United States

A once-in-a-generation winter event is currently battering more than 30 U.S. states with freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, and strong winds. President Biden has called on all citizens to follow the recommendations given.

During the week, over one million Americans woke up without power, and thousands of flights were grounded at several airports. Christmas 2022 has been threatened by a cold wave sweeping across the United States and much of Mexico.