Oil shine in the ocean could be due to pipeline repair works, authorities said

At noon on Saturday, a hydrocarbon glow was reported in the area where an oil leak occurred in October.

Photo: Michael Heiman / Getty Images

The hydrocarbon glow that was reported this Saturday off the coast of Orange County possibly due to repair work in the area where an oil spill occurred in October and not as a cause of a new leak, the authorities indicated.

The United States Coast Guard It said traces of the hydrocarbon glow reported earlier were no longer visible by Saturday afternoon, according to updates from local elected officials.

On Saturday morning, the investigation was reported to reports of an oil sheen of approximately 30 by 70 feet in the ocean. right in the area where crews are working to repair a damaged pipeline where an oil spill occurred in early October.

Said reports raised concerns about a possible new oil spill in southern California.

In the afternoon, the authorities mentioned that said shine was related to the repair work and was not due to a new oil leak.

State Senator Dave Min posted a tweet saying that authorities’ remarks showed no signs of a new oil spill occurring.

Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley noted that crews approaching for repair work reported initial brightness.

Subsequently, the divers observed drops of oil on the synthetic glass envelope that covered the damaged line. They removed the old wrapper and put in a new one. At 2pm there was no longer any glow observed in the area.

In early October, it happened an oil spill on a pipeline owned by Amplify Energy estimated to be about 25,000 gallons of crude off Huntington Beach, which led to the closure of beaches in Orange County.

Since the spill occurred, the pipeline has been closed.

Environmental groups expected greater damage, but it was not as much as initially feared.

The cause of the spill remains under investigation, although authorities have stated that the pipeline was most likely initially damaged by a ship’s anchor.

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