Olga Tañón apologizes to Adamari López for doubting her weight loss routine

Olga Tañón | Mezcalent – Photo: Olga Tañón | Mezcalent. / Mezcalent

Singer Olga Tañón is always talking about her work, but this time she got into somewhat controversial situation for a “gossip”. The interpreter made a statement “out of place” for which she later had to apologize. A few days, ago she assured that Adamari López did not lose weight as a result of her exercise program and routine, but that she went through surgery.

Olga, who has noticeably lost weight and has shared her process, both her diet, exercise and the surgery, mentioned she was told that Adamari had also gone through surgery. Now, the singer says that she only wanted to make it clear that surgeries do not work magic and that it is necessary to accompany them with discipline and good habits.

“In the case of Adamari López, when the intragastric balloon was done, well, according to what people have told me, what helped her a lot is also the exercise regimen,” she said recently and was not well taken by Lopez’s fans.

“It has never been with the intention of offending, on the contrary. If it was this way, I’m sorry “, she expressed. In this regard, Adamari was amused and published on her Instagram a clip where, in addition to showing off her wasp waist, she danced on the theme “Let them say what they want about me”, by Olga Tañón herself, so the controversy flared up more, but everything seems to indicate that they will make amends.

So far this year, Adamari has shown that anything is possible through its drastic changes. Well, in a matter of weeks she lost several kilos, which makes her look super young and beautiful, with a new image that has left everyone with their mouths open.

The Puerto Rican looks better than ever and even her followers assure that it seems that she is not over 35. The TV host follows a very healthy diet and spends hours in the gym, so her looks are now enviable. Roumor has it, she has lost more than 20 kilos.

Adamari made her followers in love with her again on social networks after sharing a video where she shows off her best steps when dancing merengue and her flat abdomen, after undergoing a rigorous regimen. She lost all that weight over the course of 22 months, and now she looks spectacular.

The Puerto Rican actress and host captivated her 6.5 million followers by dancing to the rhythm of a song by Olga Tañón and did not hesitate to show that she is happier than ever. “Let them say what they want about me!”; was the text that accompanied the clip that already has thousands of reproductions and hundreds of reactions from her fans.