Olga Tañón impresses on Instagram with the before and after her stomach operation

Olga Tañón in Premio Lo Nuestro 2022.

Olga Tañón in Premio Lo Nuestro 2022.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. /Getty Images

Since Olga Tanon unwittingly made the mistake of implying Instagram that the driver of Telemundo, Adamari Lopezhad stomach surgery. Immediately realizing his recklessness, he apologized head-on. Everyone was aware of the changes that would be noticed in the Dominican, because the singer made a bariatric surgery. Olga posted a before and after and the difference is huge.

“It’s a very personal thing when it comes to you. You have to do what makes you happy and not others. The problem with this society is that many people want to tell you how you are supposed to live, act or feel and it is not like that. Pa *** what others think or expel through their mouths. The owner of your life is you! Besides, those who love you are the only ones who count here! Love Olga! ”, It was the powerful message that she wrote Olga Tanon next to the video that shows several facets before and after your stomach operation.

Despite The Woman of FireOr she has always been explosive, very sexy and with impressive curves. It is also true that she has always had, like the Latin, tendency to gain weight. Much more if they are lovers of cooking such as merenguera. Without fear of what they will say, in the video he published Olga Tanon In her social networks, she says that these images are the reason that led her to undergo surgery. Although she had the same energy in the past, she was certainly overweight. The good news is that this is part of the past for the Dominican.

Olga Tañon, since her stomach operation, has been giving small appetizers of her new great body. Especially when she turned 54 and showed off with a sexy bikini. However, just as she recommends getting a bariatric surgery if they are very overweight, he has also said that it is not a miraculous act and that it requires a lot of discipline and movement. It is clearly a very good tool for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and above all look better. In the video clip with the Venezuelan singer nacho mendozaformer member of the musical duo Chyno and Nacho“Ojalá (Remix)”, you can see the before and after with a difference.

Other celebrities who have operated on the stomach and they have been incredible time later they are: Marie Antoinette Collins, edgar vivar known as “El Señor Barriga del Chavo del 8”, Liliana Rodriguez Y Mariah Carey. The “Fire Woman“, Olga Tanon, he dared and today he has twice as much energy as before. While she continues to get prettier every day, we leave you the video clip of the song “The big party“, with which he made many in the world dance.

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