Omar Chaparro broke down in tears remembering Diego Verdaguer and shared the promise he made to him

Omar Chaparro said goodbye to his friend Diego Verdaguer (Photo: Special)

After the sensitive death of Diego Verdaguer on January 27 at the age of 70, a mass was offered in the Basilica of Guadalupe to ask for his eternal rest, where they were present amanda michael, Anna Victoria, family, friends and figures in the media, among them, Omar Chaparro, who could not contain the tears when remembering it.

The Argentine interpreter who conquered the hearts of Mexicans with his songs, charisma and love story with Amanda Miguel, lost his life in Los Angeles, California, due to health complications derived from a contagion of COVID-19virus that he contracted in December 2021. According to statements by his youngest daughter, Ana Victoria, his father was vaccinated, contrary to what was speculated.

At noon, the tribute to the singer began, where the family was sheltered by the affection of their friends and the public. Nowadays, the video of the mass is available on the YouTube channel of the Basilica of Guadalupe. After the farewell ended, the attendees left and it was at that moment that Omar Chaparro stopped his car to answer some questions.

Diego Verdaguer
Diego Verdaguer fell in love with thousands with his interpretations for around five decades. (Photo: Instagram/@diegoverdaguer)

the protagonist of Like fallen from the sky gave an interview to the media that were waiting outside the church. As soon as the actor spoke about the mass for the eternal rest of Diego Verdaguer, he burst into tears, because he has repeatedly declared that he was a dear friend to both him and his wife Lucia Ruiz de la Pena.

“A very emotional moment. I was very moved because I realize that a friend of my mom, a teacher, a mentor, someone who loves you for free has left mesomeone who since you know him there is a chemistry, an understanding and a complicity, “he said before the cameras of the sun rises.

Between tears, Omar Chaparro confessed that the interpreter of I will be back He had looked for him in recent months to live together, but unfortunately their agendas did not coincide. Due to what happened, the Mexican singer regretted not being able to leave his activities aside to visit his friend.

omar chaparro
Omar Chaparro dedicated a few words to Diego Verdaguer (Photo: Instagram/@omarchaparro)

It hurts me because he was looking for me. For one thing or another we did not coincide and it hurt my soul to lose him”, He continued while his wife tried to help him so that he could continue with his statements.

The actor also shared with the public the promise he made to Diego Verdaguer during the mass in his honor. He explained that he decided to do it because of the valuable teachings that he left him as an artist and friend.

“He inspires me. Today I can tell you that I made a promise to him at this funeral. The bar is set so high for us by a man so wise and so perfectionist, that I said: ‘Youand I promise that I will try to be like you, be a better dad, a better husband, an artist, a human being’. He was a g** and giving away hugs and love,” she continued.

(Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)
This photograph would belong to the last ones taken with her youngest daughter (Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)

However, the Argentine’s death also prompted a moment of reflection in the protagonist of Don’t stain Fridawho shared the importance of enjoying every moment of life under a positive philosophy and being empathic.

“These moments make you really realize that you shouldn’t waste your time, You must live intensely and smile at all people as he did, even if you don’t know him and being happy, that’s why it hurts me because I identified so much with him in this philosophy of turning bad into good, “he added.

The actor’s wife spoke about the socio-emotional state of Amanda Miguel after the loss of Diego Verdaguer. As she explained, the interpreter of He lied to me He is going through grief, but tries to stand firm.


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