Omar García Harfuch announces the third arrest in the Plaza Antara jewelry store heist

A whirlwind of swift justice as Mexico City's authorities close in on the final suspect of the notorious Plaza Antara heist.

In a hard-hitting story out of Plaza Antara, Mexico City, the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, announced another arrest related to the audacious jewelry store heist that took place last month. This arrest takes the tally to three as authorities continue to piece together the shambolic robbery, where perps, armed with sledgehammers, shattered store windows and made off with pricey merchandise, all within a swift 10-minute window.

The crime became viral on June 26th, when footage of the daring robbery was disseminated on social media. The four-man squad executed the heist with military precision; one was armed and provided overwatch while the others hammered their way to the loot. Their identities obscured by caps and hoodies, the culprits fled the scene, evading immediate capture.

Initial arrests saw Marco “N” and TikTok influencer Yulissa “N” sentenced on July 4. Yulissa was released from the Santa Martha Acatitla North Prison three days later, continuing her trial in the free world. Despite being cleared of involvement in the heist, the charges against her have mutated into allegations of drug dealing and bribery, a twist revealed following the discovery of illicit substances at the time of her arrest.

Mastermind Apprehended; One Perp Still at Large

The brain behind the burglary, Xavier “N,” was also apprehended. Harfuch’s announcement on July 13 hinted at another arrest related to the crime in the Gustavo A. Madero district of Mexico City. His social media posts revealed that three of the four culprits had been snagged, leaving one more to be apprehended.

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In the robbery’s aftermath, the initial investigation revealed that the thieves made away with 15 watches, collectively valued at a whopping 1.8 million pesos. The robbery’s aftermath was swift, with Yulissa “N” and Marco “N” cuffed a day later. Marco was pinned down as a crime participant and caught on a pickup truck, the same vehicle used as a getaway car.

Harfuch confirmed the arrest of the third suspect via Twitter, captured in Gustavo A. Madero, escalating the apprehension count to three. Harfuch’s post read, “In Gustavo A. Madero, colleagues from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City arrested another of the perpetrators of the robbery at a jewelry store in Plaza Antara. Three arrested and one more to go.”

During the heist at Plaza Antara, four armed men shattered a jewelry store’s windows and absconded with 15 high-end watches. The operation was over in about seven minutes. While three thieves executed the break-in, a fourth kept a lookout, ready with a firearm should security forces or police intervene. Witnesses report that the plaza authorities urged them to hit the deck and stay put while the robbers escaped on two motorcycles. As the dust settles, one suspect remains on the run.