Omar García Harfuch’s wealth and two donated houses raise curiosity in Mexico City’s political arena

Omar García Harfuch faces scrutiny over undisclosed donations, wealth origins, and ties to Mexico City's real estate.

In the bustling political scene of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), has emerged as a frontrunner for the city’s mayoral office. Remarkably, his popularity has soared without the backing of large-scale advertisement campaigns, a rarity in today’s political landscape. The Morena party’s potential candidate recently hinted at his interest in running for office during a conversation with La Jornada.

Surviving an assassination attempt by the notorious Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG) on the iconic Paseo de la Reforma has undoubtedly cemented García Harfuch’s reputation as a hero in the eyes of many. Yet, his career is not without its share of controversies.

Rumors have linked him with Genaro García Luna, the once-praised cop under Felipe Calderón’s reign, now detained in the U.S. over drug trafficking allegations. Additionally, murmurs persist about his involvement in the tragic Ayotzinapa case, where 43 students mysteriously disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero. García Harfuch has fervently denied these claims.

Regardless of these controversies, he enjoys a strong digital presence, with numerous social media pages celebrating his achievements and legacy.

García Harfuch has two luxurious houses, both donated (Infobae Mexico)
García Harfuch has two luxurious houses, both donated (Infobae Mexico)

Wealth Under the Microscope

The SSC leader’s recently disclosed assets reveal a significant wealth, notably from generous donations. His statement to the Secretary of the General Comptroller’s Office of Mexico City highlights two million-dollar residences, both acquired as “donations”.

Also interesting:

  • The first, valued at 15.3 million pesos, came into his possession in 2016 when he was part of the Federal Police. Spanning 255 square meters, this property is both spacious and opulent.
  • The second house, a lavish 25.7 million peso property boasting 258 square meters of construction on a 979 square meter plot, was added to his portfolio in December of the previous year.

However, the origins of these donations remain undisclosed in García Harfuch’s statement.

Beyond Real Estate: The Mystery of Monetary Gifts

García Harfuch’s statement does not only list real estate gifts. He reported an additional “donation” exceeding one million pesos under “other income”. Intriguingly, this sum is comparable to his annual SSC salary of one million 77 thousand 350 pesos. Yet, the sources of these funds are, once again, not detailed.

The donated houses (Capture of Omar García Harfuch's patrimonial statement)
The donated houses (Capture of Omar García Harfuch’s patrimonial statement)

Other Financial Ties

Beyond his assets and mysterious donations, García Harfuch’s financial statement further lists a Nómina account with Banorte and an American Express credit card, currently carrying a debt of 8,438 pesos. His business ventures include a 50% stake in Red Inmobiliaria del Angel, a Mexico City-based real estate firm. However, he asserts that he does not draw any income from this enterprise.

As Mexico City’s political scene continues to evolve, García Harfuch remains a figure of interest, with many awaiting further revelations and his potential mayoral candidacy.