Omar Malavé, a former baseball player, had the worst ending; her daughter reveals the details

  • Famous baseball player finished in the worst way
  • His daughter reveals the details of the suicide
  • The ex-baseball player was also manager of several teams

Former baseball player Omar Malavé was found dead in his home. The Venezuelan lived in Dunedin, Florida and was found dead after committing suicide. Following the tragedy, his daughter Omi Jensen revealed the chilling details and released a disturbing message about the death of her father and baseball idol.

The former Venezuelan baseball player was the manager of several baseball teams, including the Mexican team “Algodoneros” from Unión Laguna. It was the renowned Major League Baseball player, Luis Sojo who confirmed the sad news on Twitter, according to an article by People en Español.

Former baseball player had the worst ending and his daughter reveals the details

“For everyone who wants to know what happened. He killed himself. This is the truth that I will not hold back, “said the daughter of the famous ex-baseball player on social networks, according to People en Español. Jensen ranted against the sport that made his father famous and revealed the possible reason for his suicide.

Omar Malavé’s suicide was totally unexpected; her daughter confesses what she thought

Omar Malavé's suicide was totally unexpected;  her daughter confesses what she thought
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Omar Malavé’s daughter ranted after her father’s suicide “because mental health is very important.” In addition, the woman pointed out that what happened to her father could happen to anyone. He also wrote that “never in a million years” would he think that his father, the successful ex-baseball player, would commit suicide.

Yet he did. “Mental health is still a taboo subject, especially in men. They teach them to ignore their feelings and to be strong, but the reality is that men have feelings and emotions too… Suicide comes in all ages, sexes and sizes ”, declared the daughter of the team manager.

Omar Malavé’s daughter is already ‘guilty’ of her father’s suicide

Omar Melavé's daughter is already 'guilty' of her father's suicide
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Omi Jensen also ‘blamed’ baseball for his father’s suicide. “When are we going to talk about how baseball pressures its players and staff to fulfill a fantasy that doesn’t exist for money?” The daughter of the famous ex-baseball player wrote on Twitter.

However, the family of former Venezuelan baseball player Omar Malavé is no stranger to suicide, since the former player’s daughter revealed a ‘detail’ that made many think. “Everybody has problems. Not even athletes are immune and especially their families, ”he declared, according to People en Español.

Ex-baseball player Omar Malavé’s ‘secret’ is discovered

Ex-baseball player Omar Malavé's 'secret' is discovered
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Macabre tragedy! TikTok girl commits suicide by taking pesticide

Macabre tragedy!  TikTok girl commits suicide by taking pesticide
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A TikTok user in China, who called herself Luoxiaomaomaozi, shocked all the followers of that social network by broadcasting her suicide in a live video to the astonishment of some and the emotion of others who even encouraged her to commit the fatality that ended with his life.

According to reports from various media outlets such as ‘People in Spanish’, Luoxiaomaomaozi was having problems with depression and anxiety for months, as she herself told her TikTok users, who took advantage of the girl’s vulnerability to encourage her to take her own life. .

Luoxiaomaomaozi, a TikTok user broadcasts her suicide live

Luoxiaomaomaozi Suicide TikTok star

Although social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are implementing anti-bullying, sexual harassment and graphic violence policies, others such as Twitter and TikTok continue not so regulated and that is why commonly situations that involve nudity, sex and suicide is’ the bread of each day ‘on those platforms.

In Asian countries, the suicide rate is quite high due to problems of loneliness, anxiety and depression on the part of its younger population, who are involved in pressure and work, economic overload and a status that society imposes on them, even physics, that is why more and more cases of boys and girls take their own lives.

Luoxiaomaomaozi takes a bottle of pesticide to convey his suicide

TikTok Suicide Star Luoxiaomaomaozi

The girl whose name is still unknown, but the user ‘Luoxiaomaomaozi’ was dedicated to uploading videos talking about fashion and that was her passion, however in her latest videos she expressed that she had thoughts of suicide and people, not believing her, encouraged her to show them that it was true what he said and the girl ended up doing the incredible.

In the live video broadcast by TikTok, known in China as ‘Douyin’, the Luoxiaomaomaozi girl recorded herself with a pesticide bottle and expressed her intention to commit suicide, but encouraged by people who did not believe her, she took from the bottle and fell unconscious and poisoned.

He loses his life and they cremate it but what would come next is shocking

TikTok famous girl kills herself with Luoxiaomaomaozi pesticide

The girl was taken to the hospital unconscious after taking from the pesticide bottle but unfortunately the doctors could no longer do anything to save her life and she was declared dead. According to Chinese media reports, user Luoxiaomaomaozi posted her latest video on October 14.

And it is that in that TikTok recording, the young fashion blogger told her followers that she would have had very difficult times dealing with her mental health, because she suffered from depression and that she had the intention of ‘leaving this world’ and that probably that would be his last video.

The macabre end of the girl ‘Luoxiaomaomaozi’, after being cremated

The macabre end of the girl 'Luoxiaomaomaozi', after being cremated

The tragedy of the girl with the username Luoxiaomaomaozi on TikTok, ended in a macabre experience even after death, because after being cremated, in the Shandong area, China, this week it was reported that a month after the incident, the ashes of the girl would have been stolen and sold.

A member of the crematorium would have stolen the ashes of the young woman to sell them to an apparently ‘ghost’ marriage, a custom in certain parts of China, in which people offer the remains of a woman, on behalf of single men so they can have happy marriages throughout life; Given the macabre of this act, three people were already arrested and the purchase that was valued between 8 thousand and 11 thousand dollars was not completed.

Another death shakes on the social network a few days ago

Another death shakes the social network a few days ago

This day the death of the TikTok star, Stacey Pentland, was announced in Newcastle, England at the age of 37, after battling cancer for a year and a half, which was reported for several months in his account of the social network that gave him fame and many followers.

The digital portal ‘People in Spanish’ reported that the mother of four children, lost the battle against lymphoma cancer that was detected in April 2020 and with which she had a strong and rapid blow to her health, which she left deteriorating as time progressed and she herself was documenting it in her TikTok videos. HERE YOU CAN SEE PART OF THE IMAGES OF THE LATEST LIVE VIDEO OF THE CHINESE GIRL WHO STREAMS HER SUICIDE ON TIKTOK.

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