Omar Regules Marín, AKA El Changuito, of Tepito Union Cartel, assassinated in Mexico City

Strife escalates as Tepito Union members face deadly retaliation amidst arrests and claims of criminal activity in central Mexico City.

Omar Regules Marín, alias El Changuito, an alleged member of the Tepito Union Cartel, was shot dead by rival groups. Reports indicate that El Changuito was dedicated to extorting money and kidnapping shopkeepers in the Cuauhtemoc district, the center of the country’s capital.

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, Omar Regules was murdered on the afternoon of Friday, June 30, in the streets of Tepito, a day after another member of the Union, Harold Bladimir Soto, alias El Antuan, was executed.

According to the security reporter, El Changuito was also under the command of Jose Jonathan, alias El Barbas, who was arrested by intelligence elements of Mexico City’s Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), along with personnel from the Metropolitan Special Operations Unit (UMOE) in May 2022.

Photo: TW/@c4jimenez
Photo: TW/@c4jimenez

The journalist assured that both the SSC and the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) are already investigating the murder of Regules Marín and Bladimir Soto.

This homicide is in addition to that committed on the night of June 29 of Harold Bladimir, who was shot dead by armed men on the street of Mecánicos in the Morelos neighborhood of Venustiano Carranza. In this place, members of the criminal group, also known as La U, allegedly gather.

Carlos Jiménez said that El Antuan and El Changuito operated in the Cuauhtémoc and Venustiano Carranza municipalities and that “their contras are hunting and killing them.

Although the Secretariat of Public Safety members took El Antuan to a local hospital, the alleged criminal did not survive due to the seven bullets he received.

This is how this ex-astro striker looked in social networks Photo: TW/@C4jimenez
This is how this ex-riot looked on social networks Photo: TW/@C4jimenez

El Plátano” and “Oso Baboso,” Unión Tepito operators dedicated to extortion, were killed

Recently, the Tepito Union has received several blows to its structure after the arrest of two of its alleged operators during a pair of raids in the CDMX was reported on June 22.

According to the SSC, they are Orlando “N,” alias Oso Baboso, and José Arturo “N,” alias El Plátano, who authorities have accused of extorting money from bar and restaurant owners in the Roma – Condesa corridor.

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security deployed search operations in the Iztacalco and Venustiano Carranza municipalities.

(Photo: Twitter@siete_letras)
(Photo: Twitter @siete_letras)

The first arrest was made at a property located on Amado Paniagua Street, in the Moctezuma neighborhood, where Oso Baboso was found, and from whom they seized a short firearm, 83 transparent plastic bags containing marijuana, 70 doses of cocaine, a gram scale, a motorcycle, and a mobile device.

The second arrest took place at a property located on 6th Street in the Agrícola Pantitlán neighborhood, where José Arturo was arrested and found 27 useful cartridges, two firearm magazines, two cell phones, 100 doses of a solid substance (apparent drug), a bag of marijuana and 10 cigarettes of the same substance.

This subject has a couple of admissions to the CDMX Penitentiary System for crimes against health, particularly in its modality of drug dealing. The first one was in 2019, and the second one in 2021.

Capital authorities explained that the “detainees are possibly linked to a criminal cell that operates in the downtown area,” and although they did not mention the criminal group, reports by journalist Antonio Nieto, who specializes in security and drug trafficking, indicate that both El Plátano and Oso Baboso are members of the Tepito Union.