OMG! Karol G surprises by tattooing his father, mother and even his nanny!

OMG!  Karol G surprises by tattooing his father, mother and even his nanny!

Karol G.

Photo: Sergi Alexander / Getty Images

Karol G It has caused a tremendous stir because among her recent Instagram stories she has revealed her skills as a tattoo artist and placed a design on several members of her family.

After the resounding success of his single “200 cups”That since it was released has become one of the main songs that can be heard on different streaming platforms, even on its YouTube account the video that accompanies the song has accumulated more than 30 million views.

The theme that is an opportunity for the Colombian inroads a different style than the one that her fans are accustomed to and that recently was in controversy after her presentation in the ‘2021 Youth Awards‘where she appeared on the scene accompanied by mariachis, which was not to the total liking of the singer Noelia who sent a message to Karol G through his social networks.

But now to celebrate all the success she has obtained, she shares some images where she shows off her skills as a tattoo artist, but what has left everyone with their mouths open is that she has dared to tattoo her own father, even her mother who by way of birthday celebration made the request herself to be tattooed by her daughter.

What impacted the users of the social network has been that even his own nanny! Can be seen showing off his tattoo made by the interpreter of “Bichota”On the inside of the arm.

It seems that everyone has been satisfied with the artist’s work on their bodies, which, although painful, is an experience that they will carry forever.

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