Omicron improves immunity to Delta variant, South African scientists say

South African scientists found that Ómicron improves immunity to Delta variant as it neutralizes the Delta variant of the coronavirus. It is worth mentioning that this study has not been peer-reviewed.

But South African specialists discovered this immunity, especially those who were vaccinated, developed enhanced immunity to the Delta variant.

The analysis included 33 vaccinated and unvaccinated people who were infected with the Omicron variant in South Africa. While the authors found that Omicron neutralization increased 14-fold over 14 days after infection, they also found that there was a 4.4-fold increase in SARS-CoV-2 Delta virus neutralization.

“Increased neutralization of the Delta variant in Omicron-infected individuals may result in a decreased ability for Delta to re-infect these individuals,” the scientists said.

Ómicron improves immunity to Delta variant

Ómicron improves immunity to the Delta variant and Professor Alex Sigal says “If Ómicron is less pathogenic it will help to expel Delta”. The Omicron variant has been shown to cause mild disease, compared to other variants.

Professor Alex Sigal at the African Health Research Institute in South Africa said that if Ómicron was less pathogenic as seen in the South African experience, “This will help drive Delta out.”

But because before the Omicron variant, at least 70% of people had a COVID-19 infection. And with about 30% of the population vaccinated, the authors were unable to separate the protection that infections provide from that that results from vaccines.

According to studies de South Africa, Scotland and the United Kingdom, there is a reduced risk of hospitalization and severe disease in people infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant compared to Delta, but this could be due to the high immunity of the population.

Likewise, in addition to the fact that Ómicron improves immunity to the Delta variant, new symptoms have been found related to the new Ómicron variant, which causes COVID-19.

Omicron may not be catastrophic

The Omicron variant has been shown to cause mild disease, compared to other variants.

The three investigations carried out on two continents found that Omicron infections more often result in mild illness than previous variants of the coronavirus.

This gives hope that the current increase is not as catastrophic as feared despite the skyrocketing cases, as this may not saturate the health system with hospitalizations.

In line with two studies conducted in recent days, it is observed that Ómicron has biological characteristics that make it somewhat less dangerous than Delta, the variant that has dominated the world from summer until now.

Natalie Dean is a biostatistician at Emory University in Atlanta, and said that “since this is everywhere and it is going to be so communicable, anything that reduces gravity will be better.” And now South African scientists see that Ómicron improves immunity to the Delta variant.

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