Omicron variant hits Spain, presents half of the new cases

In the last 24 hours, a total of 49,823 COVID-19 infections, half of them corresponds to the Omicron variant , according to what was said by the Minister of Health of Spain, and reaffirmed that the new strain is the most contagious detected so far, even more than Delta.

For his part, the mayor of Madrid and spokesman for the Popular Party, José Luis Martínez, and the general secretary of the political wing, Teodro García Egea, tested positive for the new coronavirus in the last hours, although at the moment it is not known if they have any of the variants detected so far.

In AmericanPost.News We had announced that the new variant could be dominant in Europe and this was fulfilled in a few weeks, since a month after having detected it in South Africa, there are already more than 70 countries.

WHO asks to prepare for the Omicron variant

The authorities must intensify measures against COVID-19 It is the most dangerous variant detected so far

Given the panorama seen in Spain and other European countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) called on all governments to prepare for a significant rebound in new cases of COVID-19 throughout the continent.

The presence of the variant found in South Africa several weeks ago is the cause of the new regrowth and could cause a new hospital saturation.

“We can see the arrival of another storm. In a matter of weeks, Ómicron will dominate in more countries in the region ”.

In mid-January it will already be the dominant one, although it can be classified as such from now on, since it caused a historic number of new cases.

How many mutations does the Omicron variant have?

It is the most dangerous variant detected so far

The strain is made up of 55 mutations; 35 of them make up the most contagious and dangerous part of the strain that is putting the whole world on alert; Among the most dangerous behaviors is the Delta and Gama variant.

The confirmed symptoms of the Omicron variant can be confused with those of other strains, so health organizations ask to be attentive to the evolution of the virus.

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