On TikTok so you can do your live

TikTok also gives its users the opportunity to make lives, this way of broadcasting a video live and direct, which is seen by all followers, has become one of the functions most used app.

To make your live on TikTok you must:

1- Go to the application and go to the + symbol (the one used to upload content).

2- It will be under the red recording button where you will see the usual options (60s, 15s and MV) and next to it will be LIVE.

3- With your finger slide to the left to select this function.

4- Now give your direct a name, this is optional, but remember that if you do it it will be more attractive.

5- Then click on the red button that says “Broadcast live”.

6- Finally, when you decide to end your transmission you will be able to see a countdown, which will end the live.

The closeness and speed offered by the lives on the Tiktok platform have been some of the reasons for its popularity.

Tiktok also has requirements to do a live

The App also has requirements to do a live At the “TikTok Awards 2022” Romel Pacheco won an award

the video app this function is not active for all its users, only those who, as a rule, are over 16 years old and have with a thousand or more followers They will be the ones who can perform lives.

The scope of tiktok has allowed users to explore different ways to reach new audiences and the lives have been one of them, but not all ideas work and this was demonstrated by the influencer Tattis Beauty Pro who went viral for ripping his nails live.

The TikTok Awards

At the “TikTok Awards 2022” Romel Pacheco won an award

it’s been so much the popularity of the platform which for a couple of years has been holding its awards, as we inform you in AmericanPost.News In this 2022 edition, former diver Romel Pacheco won one of the “TikTok Awards”.

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